Field guide to geologic excursions in Utah and adjacent areas of Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming, G.S.A. field guide, Rocky Mountain Section (MP 92-3)
By: J. R. Wilson, editorThis guidebook contains articles and road logs for field trips planned in conjunction with the 1992 meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section of the Geological Society of America held at Ogden, Utah. The field trip articles...
Quaternary geology of the Black Rock Desert, Millard County, Utah (SS-73)
By: C. G. Oviatt Surficial deposits in the Black Rock Desert of west-central Utah, in an area encompassing 12 7.5-minute topographic quadrangles, were mapped at a scale of 1:100,000. The Black Rock Desert is the southern extension of the Sevier...
Geologic excursions in volcanology: eastern Snake River Plain (Idaho) and southwestern Utah, Geological Society of America guidebook - Part III (SS-61)
By: K. D. Gurgel, editor The papers contained in this Guidebook were solicited by the organizers of the GSA Rocky Mountain and Cordilleran Sections and have been edited and given a common format. These papers come from field trips led...
Cedar Mountain and Dakota Formations Around Dinosaur National Monument (SS-143)
By: Douglas A. Sprinkel, Scott K. Madsen, James I. Kirkland, Gerald L. Waanders, and Gary J. HuntCedar Mountain and Dakota Formations Around Dinosaur National Monument. Evidence Of The First Incursion Of The Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway Into Utah. This 20-page...
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Redefining the Lower Cretaceous stratigraphy within the central Utah Foreland basin D. A. Sprinkel (SS-97)
By: R. W. Fleming and G. L. Waanders Lower Cretaceous strata exposed in the foreland basin of central Utah were divided into two lithostratigraphic units, the Cedar Mountain and San Pitch Formations. Together these formations correlate with both the Cedar...
Contributions to Quaternary geology of the Colorado Plateau (San Juan County) G.E. Christenson (SS-64)
By: C. G. Oviatt, J. F. Shroder, and R. E. Sewell The Colorado Plateau is a unique area for the study of Quaternary deposits and processes since it has been the site of continuous stream downcutting, cliff retreat, and landscape...
Quaternary geology of part of the Sevier Desert, Millard County, Utah (SS-70)
By: C. G. Oviatt This report describes the Quaternary geology and Quaternary geologic history of part of the Sevier Desert in east-central Millard County, Utah. Surficial deposits in the map area consist of fine-grained lacustrine deposits of Lake Bonneville and...
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Geologic excursions in neotectonics and engineering geology in Utah, Geological Society of America guidebook - Part IV (SS-62)
By: K. D. Gurgel, editor The papers contained in this Guidebook were solicited by the organizers of the GSA Rocky Mountain and Cordilleran Sections and have been edited and given a common format. These papers come from field trips led...
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Sediment source study Little Cottonwood, Bit Cottonwood and Mill Creeks, Salt Lake County, Utah (RI-189)
G. E. Christenson Flood control management in Salt Lake County for the past ten to twenty years has emphasized expensive dredging to maintain stream channel capacity. The result has been degradation of recreational and aquatic conditions in valley tributaries draining...
Sequence stratigraphic assessment of the Muley Canyon Sandstone and Musak Formation, Henry Mountains Syncline: Implications for understanding the Muley Canyon Coal Zone (OFR-557)
By: L. P. Birgenheier, C. R. Fielding, M. J. Corbett, and C. Kesler This DVD contains a report and seven accompanying plates. The report provides sequence stratigraphic evaluation of the world-class, extensive exposures of the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Muley Canyon...
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Stratigraphy and ages of the basal Claron, Pine Hollow, Canaan Peak, and Grapevine Wash Formations, southwest Utah (OFR-193)
P. M. Goldstrand This report presents 48 stratigraphic sections of the basal Claron, Pine Hollow, Canaan Peak, and Grapevine Wash formations of southwest Utah. This study redefines the existing stratigraphy and provides new age constraints for the Claron, Pine Hollow,...
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Wasatch Plateau oil and gas field, T. 13-17 S., R. 6-7 E., Carbon, Emergy and Sanpete Counties, Utah (OFR-192)
By: C. N. Tripp Gas was discovered in 1951 from the Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale at the Clear Creek field by Three States Natural Gas. Ferron production at Flat Canyon was established in 1953, and in 1955...
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Ferron oil and gas field, T. 20-21 S., R. 7 E., Emery County, Utah (OFR-191)
By: C. N. Tripp This publication discusses the Ferron oil and gas field at Townships 20-21 South, Range 7 East. The field lies immediately south and east of the town of Ferron, Utah in east-central Utah. It is situated in...
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Correlation of Jurassic sediments of the Carmel and Twin Creek Formations of southern Utah using bentonitic characteristics (OFR-169)
B. H. Everett, B. J. Kowallis, E. H. Christiansen, and A. Deino The Jurassic Carmel Formation and Twin Creek Limestone of southern and central Utah are thought to be time equivalent deposits of marine carbonate and terrigenous sedimentary rocks that...
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A hydrocarbon exploration model for the Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale, and the Dakota Group in the Wasatch Plateau and Castle Valley of east-central Utah, with emphasis on post-1980 subsurface data (OFR-160)
By: C. N. Tripp This study incorporates subsurface, surface, structural, and stratigraphic data from the cretaceous Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale, and the Dakota Group into a hydrocarbon exploration model for the Wasatch Plateau and Castle Valley areas....
Geology of the Sheeprock thrust sheet, central Utah - new insights (MP 98-1)
By: M. Mukul and G. Mitra Proterozoic sedimentary rocks in the Sheeprock and the adjacent West Tintic Mountains in northcentral Utah were thought to be deformed and transported along the Sheeprock and Pole Canyon thrusts during the Cretaceous to early...
The Prairie Canyon Member, a new unit of the Upper Cretaceous Mancos Shale, west-central Colorado and east-central Utah (MP 97-4)
By: R. D. Cole, R. G. Young and G. C. Willis For more than 30 years, surface and subsurface investigations of Upper Cretaceous strata in the southeastern Uinta Basin, southwestern Piceance Creek Basin, and along the intervening Douglas Creek arch,...
Outcrop study of the lower Green River Formation for reservoir characterization and hydrocarbon production enhancement in the Altamont-Bluebell field, Uinta Basin, Utah (MP 96-2)
By: A. Garner and T. H. Morris In an effort to better understand the reservoir capacity and production potential of rock types in the Altamont-BluebeIl field, Uinta Basin, Utah, 850.2 meters (2789.4 ft) of continuous section of the lower Green...
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Tectonic evolution of the Uinta Mountains: palinspastic restoration of a structural cross section along longitude 109?15', Utah (MP 93-8)
By: D. S. Stone Major tectonic events important in the evolution of the Uinta Mountains were evaluated through palinspastic restoration of a north-south structural cross section drawn along longitude 1090 15' in northeastern Utah. The section crosses the Uinta Mountains...
Stratigraphic and lithologic analysis of the Claron Formation in southwestern Utah (MP 93-1)
By: W. J. Taylor The Paleocene - Oligocene Claron Formation in the Basin and Range physiographic province of southwestern Utah is composed dominantly of sandstone and conglomerate interbedded with fresh-water sandy limestone. Stratigraphic sections, clast counts, and point counts from...
Petrology, sedimentology, and stratigraphic implications of the Rock Canyon Conglomerate, southwestern Utah (MP 91-7)
R. L. Nielson Deposition of the Rock Canyon Conglomerate in southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona resulted from infilling of topography that was cut during the late Permian and early Triassic Periods. Three lithofacies are recognized in the Rock Canyon Conglomerate:...
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Deltaic and shelf deposits in the Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation and Mancos Shale, Grand County, Utah (MP 91-6)
M. A. Chan Continuous, well-preserved clastic depositional units south of the Book Cliffs escarpment of east-central Utah offer exceptional exposures of ancient deltaic, shoreline, shelf and offshore rocks. A stratigraphic and sedimentologic context for these Cretaceous units is an important...
Petrology, age, geochemistry, and correlation of the Tertiary volcanic rocks of the Awapa Plateau, Garfield, Piute, and Wayne Counties, Utah (MP 91-5)
By: S. R. Mattox Volcanic rocks of the eastern flank of the Marysvale volcanic field are exposed on the Awapa Plateau, one of the easternmost High Plateaus in the Utah Colorado Plateau - Basin and Range transition zone. Initial mapping...
Stratigraphy and paleogeography of Late Cretaceous and Paleogene rocks of southwest Utah (MP 90-2)
P. M. Goldstrand This paper describes the stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene nonmarine strata of southwestern Utah. Paleocurrent analysis, depositional system reconstructions, and provenance studies are used to reconstruct the paleogeography from early Campanian to middle Eocene. These...
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