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Basin-wide evaluation of the uppermost Green River Formation's oil-shale resources, Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado, Uinta Basin (SS-128)
By: M. D. Vanden Berg Due to the recent increase in crude oil prices and concerns over diminishing conventional reserves, the Utah Geological Survey has reexamined the Uinta Basin’s oil-shale resource, primarily in the Mahogany zone of the Green River...
Reservoir characterization of the Lower Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah (OFR-411)
By: C. D. Morgan, T. C. Chidsey Jr., K. P. McClure, S. R. Bereskin, and M. D. Deo The oil-productive lower Green River Formation in the Uinta Basin has five district reservoirs that are geologically characterized at regional scale and...
Outcrop study of the lower Green River Formation for reservoir characterization and hydrocarbon production enhancement in the Altamont-Bluebell field, Uinta Basin, Utah (MP 96-2)
By: A. Garner and T. H. Morris In an effort to better understand the reservoir capacity and production potential of rock types in the Altamont-BluebeIl field, Uinta Basin, Utah, 850.2 meters (2789.4 ft) of continuous section of the lower Green...
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