Opportunity for Improved Wetland Mitigation in Utah - In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Potential in Utah (OFR-755)
By: Diane Menuz and Rebekah Downard Wetlands in Utah are regulated primarily by the federal government under the Clean Water Act (CWA), which requires mitigation to replace ecological services that are lost to permitted activities. This report explores the potential...
National Wetland Inventory Report for the Provo River, Utah (OFR-755)
By: Peter Goodwin and Elisabeth Stimmel This report summarizes a recently completed mapping project along the Provo River that covers nearly 33,800 acres of Wasatch and Summit Counties and includes parts of Heber City, Midway, Francis, and Woodland. This project...
Report for 2022 Matheson Wetland and Vegetation Mapping (OFR-748)
By: Peter Goodwin The Scott and Norma Matheson Wetlands Preserve (the Preserve) occupies nearly 900 acres between the Colorado River and the city of Moab, Utah, and encompasses an extensive floodplain-wetland complex that provides several unique functions in the arid west...
Cache Valley Wetland Mapping: Supplemental Report (OFR-744)
By: Peter Goodwin, Rebecca Molinari Summary: This report summarizes a recently completed mapping project in Cache County that had three components: mapping wetland and riparian areas to update NWI mapping; applying additional Landscape Position, Landform, Water Flow path, and Waterbody Type...
Updated Wetland Mapping in Cache County, (C-133)
By: Elisabeth Stimmel, Peter Goodwin, and Diane Menuz Circular 133 highlights recently updated wetland mapping and related resources available for Cache County that will provide accurate spatial data for responsible urban growth and resource management. Other Information: Published: 2022 Pages: 2...
Assesment of Wetland Condition and Wetland Mapping Accuracy in Upper Blacks Fork and Smiths Fork, Uinta Mountains, Utah (RI-274)
By: Diane Menuz, Ryhan Sempler, and Jennifer JonesThe Utah Geological Survey surveyed 28 sites in 2014 to quantify the location and condition of wetlands on the north slope of the Uinta Mountains in the Upper Blacks Fork and Smiths Fork...
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Utah Wetland Functional Classification: Version 1 (OFR-661 )
By: Richard Emerson and Ryhan SemplerThe National Wetland Inventory (NWI) is the most comprehensive wetland classification system for the state of Utah. While the NWI is the most complete and accessible classification system, the 366 unique wetland type identifiers in...
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