The Wasatch fault (PI-40)
By: S. N. Eldredge A beautifully designed and easy to understand publication discussing the geologic history of the Wasatch Fault and possible dangers it poses to anyone living nearby. This is a perfect introduction to the fault for anyone of...
Ground-shaking map for a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on the Wasatch fault, Salt Lake City, Utah metropolitan area (PI-76)
By: I. G. Wong, W. J. Silva, D. Wright, S. S. Olig, F. X. Ashland, N. Gregor, and G. E. Christenson This map illustrates the estimated intensity of ground shaking that would occur in a magnitude 7 earthquake on the...
Utah Earthquakes (1850-2016) and Quaternary Faults (M-277)
By: Steve D. Bowman and Walter J. Arabasz This map shows earthquakes known to have occurred within and surrounding Utah from 1850 through December 2016 and mapped Quaternary faults considered to be earthquake sources. The faults shown on the map...
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Homebuyers guide to earthquake hazards in Utah (PI-38)
By: S. N. Eldredge Large, damaging earthquakes can happen in many parts of Utah. Therefore, when choosing where to live in this state, we should be aware of the earthquake risk. It is important to know what potential earthquake hazards...
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Historic aerial photography, 1938 Salt Lake Aqueduct Project, Salt Lake, Utah, and Wasatch Counties, Utah (OFR-537)
By: S. D. Bowman and K. Beisner This compilation of the 1938 Salt Lake Aqueduct Project includes 183 scanned aerial photograph prints (frames) taken as part of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) Salt Lake Aqueduct Project. The Salt Lake...
Guidelines for evaluating surface-fault-rupture hazards in Utah (MP 03-6)
By: G. E. Christenson, L. D. Batatian, and C. V. Nelson The purpose of these guidelines is to outline appropriate surface-fault-rupture-hazard investigation techniques and report content to ensure adequate studies to protect the public, aid in land-use regulation, and facilitate...
Earthquake scenario and probabilistic ground shaking maps for the Salt Lake City, Utah, metropolitan area (MP 02-5)
By: I. G. Wong, W. J. Silva, S. S. Olig, P. Thomas, D. Wright, F. X. Ashland, and N. Gregor The Salt Lake City metropolitan area is one of the most seismically hazardous urban areas in the interior of the...
Earthquake fault map of a portion of Washington County, Utah (PI-85)
By: UGS Staff This map shows the location of faults in the Hurricane fault zone adjacent to the towns of La Verkin and Hurricane and in the Washington fault zone adjacent to St. George and Washington. Back side of map...
Photo essay of four Utah Earthquakes, 1921-1962 (PI-72)
By: S. N. Eldredge and E. H. O'Brien This photo essay contains selected photos, brief text, and newspaper excerpts for four significant earthquakes in Utah, illustrating what happened and what could happen during an earthquake. Original photos were compiled by...
Deterministic maximum peak bedrock acceleration maps for Utah (MP 02-11)
By: M. W. Halling, J. R. Keaton, L. R. Anderson, and W. Kohler Maximum ground motion maps for the State of Utah were prepared for the Utah Department of Transportation to provide context for probabilistic ground motion maps. Deterministic procedures...
The September 2, 1992 ML 5.8 St. George earthquake, Washington County, Utah (C-88)
By: G. E. Christenson, editor Ground shaking and slope failures were the dominant geologic effects associated with the September 2, 1992 St. George earthquake. Ground shaking caused damage to buildings in Hurricane, La Verkin, Washington, St. George, and other. A...
Quaternary tectonics of Utah with emphasis on earthquake-hazard characterization (B-127)
By: S. Hecker This report consolidates and synthesizes information on Quaternary faulting, folding, and volcanism in Utah and characterizes recent tectonic activity throughout the state. The primary purpose is to provide a comprehensive reference on fault-specific seismic sources and surface...
Engineering geology of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, Utah (B-126)
By: W. R. Lund, editorGeologic exposures in the Salt Lake City region record a long history of sedimentation and tectonic activity extending back to the Precambrian Era. Today, the city lies above a deep, sediment-filled basin flanked by two uplifted...
Geologic hazards and adverse construction conditions, St. George-Hurricane metropolitan area, Washington County, Utah (SS-127)
By: W. R. Lund, T. R. Knudsen, G. S. Vice, and L. M. ShawThe St. George-Hurricane metropolitan area is one of the nation?s fastest growing regions. As land well suited for development becomes increasingly scarce, urbanization has moved into less...
Earthquake site conditions in the Wasatch Front corridor, Utah (SS-125)
By: G. N. McDonald and F. X. Ashland Contains a 41-page report and a 1:150,000-scale map defining seismic site conditions for the Wasatch Front urban corridor. This mapping, partially funded through the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Hazards Reduction Program, provides...
Paleoseismology of Utah, Volume 15: Surficial-geologic reconnaissance and scarp profiling on the Colliston and Clarkston Mountain segments of the Wasatch fault zone, Box Elder County, Utah (SS-121)
By: M. D. Hylland The Collinston and Clarkston Mountain segments, the northernmost two segments of the Wasatch fault zone in Utah, have been active during the Quaternary Period but show no evidence of Holocene surface faulting. The only fault scarps...
The origin and extent of earth fissures in Escalante Valley, southern Escalante Desert, Iron County, Utah (SS-115)
By: W. R. Lund, C. B. DuRoss, S. M. Kirby, G. N. McDonald, G. Hunt, and G. S. Vice Contains a 30-page report and 37-photo appendix of an investigation by the Utah Geological Survey of five recently discovered earth fissures...
Earthquake-hazards scenario for a M7 earthquake on the Salt Lake City segment of the Wasatch fault zone, Utah (SS-111dm)
By: B. J. Solomon, N. Storey, I. G. Wong, W. J. Silva, N. Gregor, D. Wright, and G. N. McDonald Large earthquakes can disrupt lives with devastating effects on communities and individuals. An important step in characterizing the risk posed...
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Site-response characterization for implementing SHAKEMAP in northern Utah (RI-248)
By: F. X. Ashland As part of the effort to implement “ShakeMap” in northern Utah, this publication used surface geology and available shear-wave velocity data to characterize and map the site response of geologic units during earthquake ground shaking. Site-response...
Earthquake fault map of a portion of Tooele County, Utah (PI-84)
By: UGS Staff This map shows the location of faults in Tooele Valley, between the Oquirrh Mountains and the Stansbury Mountains. Back side of map includes information on faults, effects of surface fault rupture, when and where surface rupture is...
Earthquake fault map of a portion of Cache County, Utah (PI-83)
By: UGS Staff This map shows the location of faults in Cache Valley, between the Bear River Range to the east and the Cache County line to the west. Back side of map includes information on faults, effects of surface...
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Earthquake hazards and safety in Utah (PI-6)
By: UGS Staff This four-page publication outlines a brief history of earthquakes in Utah, discusses different hazards related to earthquake activity, and gives instructions on earthquake safety. Other Information: Published: 1990 Pages: 4 p. Location: Utah Media Type: Paper Publication
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Earthquakes & Utah (PI-48)
By: S. N. Eldredge This pamphlet is an introduction to Utah’s earthquakes and answers the commonly asked questions of where, why, and how often earthquakes occur in Utah; how big they are and how they are measured; and what may...
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