Feeding Utah's Birds
By: M. Kirkland Bird feeding, long considered both entertainment and sport by bird lovers, presents a fascinating opportunity to enjoy the beauty and amusing antics of our feathered friends. A growing number of Utahns are discovering that enticing wild birds...
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Wildlife of Utah: A Photo Essay
By: Division of Wildlife Resources Utah is a land of great diversity and inherent natural beauty. From hot deserts to high alpine country, it offers a wide variety of habitats for wildlife found in the state. This diversity is important...
Wilderness Predators of the Rockies: The Bond Between Predator and Prey
By: Mike Lapinski The mighty grizzly, stately wolf, stealthy mountain lion, and seldom seen ghost predators - these are some of the legendary creatures that prowl the backcountry of Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and British Columbia....
Who Ate the Backyard? Living With Wildlife on Private Land
By: Charlie Craighead How to attract, avoid, or simply live in peace with the animals that inhabit the same places we do in the Rocky Mountain Region. Author Charlie Craighead describes the habits of bears, moose, porcupines, weasels, rodents, deer...
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Waterfowl of North America
By: Kevin T. KarlsonA Comprehensive Guide to All Species.Waterproof, Easy Field Identification, Distinguishing FeaturesOther Information:Published: 2014Pages: Double sided, six-panel pamphlet
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Watchable Birds of the Southwest
By: Mary Taylor Gray Do you revel in the cascading song of a canyon wren as it echoes off red-rock cliffs? Long to view the sandhill crane's courtship dance? Wonder which leaves the X footprint in the desert sand? If...
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Utah's Featured Birds and Viewing Sites: A Conservation Platform for IBAs and BHCAs
By: Keith Evans and Wayne Martinson This book provides substantial information to the general public and birding enthusiasts regarding featured birds, their habitats and where to see them. It also is intended for private and public land mangers interested in...
Utah Wildlife Viewing Guide
By: Jim Cole Where has all the wildlife gone? Nowhere. It's all around us - along every pathway, every roadway, even every freeway. You just need to know where to look, and this book shows you where. The Utah Wildlife...
Stalked by a Mountain Lion: Fear, Fact, and the Uncertain Future of Cougars in America
By: Jo Deurbrouck A mountain lion gives birth under a porch in Boulder, Colorado. Another saunters into the parking garage of a swank hotel in Victoria, British Columbia. In the hills outside Sacramento, the remains of a jogger are found...
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Southwest Utah Birding Trails
The Birding Trails series of covers all the great bird watching areas of Utah with detailed maps, trail descriptions, where you'll find specific birds, and information about the birds you'll see. Other Information: Published: 2001 Double-sided pamphlet
Sharing the Land With Pinyon-Juniper Birds
By: Scott W. Gillihan This book helps provide information on the management of pinion-juniper woodlands that will benefit individual bird species and bird communities while still using the woodlands for other purposes. Other Information: Published: 2006 Pages: 39
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Raptors of the World
By: James Ferguson-Lees & David A. Christie This new field guide covers all of the world's kites, vultures, harriers, hawks, buzzards, eagles, and falcons. Based on essential sections of the widely acclaimed handbook Raptors of the World by the the...
Peterson Field Guide to Western Reptiles & Amphibians
By: Robert C. Stebbins This third edition covers all the species of reptiles and amphibians found in western North America. More than 650 full-color paintings and photographs show key details for making accurate identifications. Up-to-date color range maps give species'...
Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America
By: Fiona A. Reid The most comprehensive, in-depth, and current guide to North American mammals, this book covers all the mammals found in North America north of Mexico, including those that live in near-shore waters. The only guide to include...
Peterson Field Guide to Hawks of North America
By: William S. Clark & Brian K. Wheeler This guide includes all 39 species of North American hawks and other diurnal raptors, including eagles, falcons, and cultures. Color paintings and photographs show each species in various morphs and plumages, which...
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Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes
By: Lawrence M. Page and Brooks M. Burr There are nearly 1,000 species of freshwater fishes in North America north of Mexico, and identifying them can be a daunting task. In fact, in just the twenty years since the publication...
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Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Western North America
By: Roger Tory Peterson Accessible, concise, and easy to use, Peterson Field Guides are ideal for beginning and intermediate bird watchers. A cornerstone of the Peterson Field Guide series, this guide uses paintings rather than photographs, making identification easier. This...
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Peterson Field Guide to Animal Tracks
By: Olaus J. Murie and Mark Elbroch This completely updated edition includes 100 color photographs of tracks and signs, more than 1,000 line drawings, and updated nomenclature for all the mammals of North America. The text includes descriptions of habits,...
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National Audubon Society: Pocket Guide - North American Birds of Prey
By: Clay Sutton and Richard K. Walton Birds of prey are strong, majestic animals that are fascinating to observe. This guide will help you identify many North American hawks, eagles, falcons, vultures, and owls and learn about their unique habitat....
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National Audubon Society: Pocket Guide - Familiar Mammals of North America
By: John Farrand, Jr. Mammal-watching, like bird-watching, is a rewarding pastime that will add much to your enjoyment of any trip outdoors. Mammals are common everywhere, and learning to find and identify them is fun and challenging, whether you are...
National Audubon Society: Pocket Guide - Familiar Birds of North America West
By: Ann. H Whitman Of all wild creatures, birds are the most conspicuous and colorful. Even in our crowded cities, there are many kinds of birds, easily noticed and identified. Learning to identify birds is an enjoyable pursuit - an...
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National Audubon Society: Pocket Guide - Familiar Animal Tracks of North America
By: John Farrand, Jr. Most mammals are secretive or are active only at night, and rarely allow us to catch a glimpse of them. But they often leave evidence of their presence - including tracks, droppings, burrows, and the remains...
National Audubon Society: Field Guide to Birds - Western Region
By: Miklos D. F. Udvardy and John Farrand, Jr. This leading and most complete all-photographic field guide to birds describes 544 species found in the western region of North America. It features 676 full-color, high-quality nature photographs and a detailed...
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Mammals of North America
By: Roland W. Kays & Don E. Wilson The best-selling field guide for mammals of the United States and Canada is now even better. This guide includes: The best-illustrated and easiest-to-use field guide to North American mammals Beautiful and accurate...
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