The September 2, 1992 ML 5.8 St. George earthquake, Washington County, Utah (C-88)
By: G. E. Christenson, editor Ground shaking and slope failures were the dominant geologic effects associated with the September 2, 1992 St. George earthquake. Ground shaking caused damage to buildings in Hurricane, La Verkin, Washington, St. George, and other. A...
Engineering geology of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, Utah (B-126)
By: W. R. Lund, editorGeologic exposures in the Salt Lake City region record a long history of sedimentation and tectonic activity extending back to the Precambrian Era. Today, the city lies above a deep, sediment-filled basin flanked by two uplifted...
Characteristics, timing, and hazard potential of liquefaction-induced landsliding in the Farmington siding landslide complex, Davis County, Utah (SS-95)
By: M. D. Hylland and M. Lowe The Farmington Siding landslide complex is in Davis County, Utah, about 25 kilometers north of Salt Lake City. The landslide complex covers approximately 19.5 square kilometers and is one of 13 late Pleistocene/Holocene...
Contributions to Quaternary geology of the Colorado Plateau (San Juan County) G.E. Christenson (SS-64)
By: C. G. Oviatt, J. F. Shroder, and R. E. Sewell The Colorado Plateau is a unique area for the study of Quaternary deposits and processes since it has been the site of continuous stream downcutting, cliff retreat, and landscape...
Landslide Inventory Map of Seely Creek and Big Bear Creek Drainages, Sanpete and Emery Counties, Utah (SS-164)
By: Richard E. Giraud and Greg N. McDonaldThis map presents a landslide inventory for the Big Bear Creek and Seely Creek drainages, Sanpete and Emery Counties, Utah, at a scale of 1:24,000. We used geographic information system (GIS) software to...
Landslide Inventory Map of the Ferron Creek area, Sanpete and Emery Counties, Utah (SS-161)
By: Richard E. Giraud and Greg N. McDonaldThis map presents a landslide inventory for the Ferron Creek area, Sanpete and Emery Counties, Utah, at a scale of 1:24,000. The purposes of the map and accompanying geodatabase are to show and...
Characterization and hazard zonation of the Meadow Creek landslide affecting State Route 9, part of the Coal Hill landslide complex, western Kane County, Utah (SS-131)
By: F. X. Ashland, G. N. McDonald, L. M. Shaw, and J. A. Bay Contains a 31-page report and two accompanying plates detailing the results of geologic and geophysical investigations of the Meadow Creek landslide in western Kane County, Utah,...
Characteristics, causes, and implications of the 1998 Wasatch Front landslides (SS-105)
By: F. X. Ashland The majority of the 1998 Wasatch Front landslides were likely triggered following a cumulative rise in ground-water levels resulting from four or more successive years of above-normal precipitation. Triggering of landslide movement likely coincided with a...
Geologic evaluation and hazard potential of liquefaction-induced landslides along the Wasatch Front, Utah (SS-104)
By: K. M. Harty and M. Lowe The purpose of this study is to evaluate the potential for future movement of the landslides during earthquakes to determine the hazard these features may pose. Goals of the study were to: (1)...
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Active landslides in the Creekside Drive area, Mountain Green, Morgan County, Utah, between June 2005 and December 2006 (RI-260)
By: F. X. Ashland Landsliding in the Creekside Drive area of Mountain Green, Utah, in 2005 and 2006 damaged three houses, a road, and buried utilities, and threatened a buried sewer line, another house, and several other residential lots. The...
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Movement history and preliminary hazard assessment of the Heather Drive landslide, Layton, Davis County, Utah (RI-251)
By: R. E. Giraud Movement of the Heather Drive landslide in late-August 2001 forced homeowners to evacuate their houses and suffer significant economic loss. Preliminary loss estimates indicate that landslide-related losses exceed $1 million. The landside is a reactivation of...
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Preliminary geotechnical-engineering slope-stability investigation of the Pine Ridge landslide, Timber Lakes Estates, Wasatch County, Utah (RI-232)
By: F. X. Ashland and M. D. Hylland The purpose of a preliminary geotechnical-engineering slope-stability analysis is to use state-of-the-art computer programs to estimate slope stability in areas where we have few detailed engineering test data. The technique uses engineering-geologic...
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An overview of landslide inventories predominantly of North America (RI-217)
By: S. N. Eldredge The Utah Geological and Mineral Survey (UGMS) received funding for two years from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for landslide inventory work. UGMS intended to develop a standard report form and a manual for recording information...
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Investigation of potential geologic hazards near the Thistle landslide, Utah County, Utah (RI-213)
By: G. C. Willis In the spring of 1983 an old landslide near Thistle, Utah reactivated and moved downslope, forming a dam 220 feet (67 m) high which blocked a major railroad, highway, and river. Thistle Lake, which formed behind...
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Landslide Hazards In Utah (PI-98)
By: Gregg Beukelman According to the U.S. Geological Survey, landslides are a serious geological hazard common to almost every state in our country. Publication addresses Landslides: Serious and Common Geologic Hazards, Types of Landslides, Causes of Landslides, Landslide Distribution, Reducing...
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Rock-fall hazards in Utah (PI-94)
By: J. J. Castleton Rock falls pose a hazard in Utah because we live, work, and recreate in close proximity to mountains and mesas. This publication explains how and why rock falls occur, and ways to reduce the potential damage...
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The 2005-06 Creekside Drive area landslides, Mountain Green, Morgan County, Utah (PI-91)
By: A. Elliott Early in 2005, several landslides occurred in the Creekside Drive area of Mountain Green located in western Morgan County. Details about the geologic makeup of the area, as well as damage caused by the landslides are included...
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The 2005 Sage Vista Lane Landslide, Cedar Hills, Utah County, Utah (PI-89)
By: A. Elliott Homeowners in Cedar Hills first detected movement on the Sage Vista Lane landslide on April 28, 2005, and by the next day the landslide had moved against the lower back wall of a townhouse unit. This publication...
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The 2001 Heather Drive Landslide, Layton, Davis County, Utah (PI-88)
By: A. Elliott The August 2001 Heather Drive landslide in Layton damaged six houses, forcing homeowners to evaluate them. This publication discusses the event and aftermath, as well as the geological makeup of the area in an attempt to explain...
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Landslides: What they are, why they occur (PI-74)
By: W. F. Case Landslides occur as gravitational forces exceed the strength of the material in a slope. Rock slides, debris slides, and slumps “slide” on a weak, fractured, slick, clayey, or water-saturated surface. This two-page sheet discusses why landslides...
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Rock-fall hazards (PI-69)
By: W. F. Case Rock falls are a natural process of cliff and hillside erosion. They consist of large rock fragments from a cliff, or boulders from a slope that bounce, roll, and slide down a hillside and come to...
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Homeowner's guide to recognizing and reducing landslide damage on their property (PI-58)
By: GES staff Landslides are common in Utah. Landslide hazards are greatest near or on steep slopes or along streams. Listed below are suggestions on how to recognize landslides and landslide-prone areas, and what to do to reduce the likelihood...
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Stability of the Pine Ridge landslide at Timber Lakes Estates, Wasatch County, Utah: implications for future development and land-use planning (PI-53)
By: F. X. Ashland and M. D. Hylland This pamphlet provides a nontechnical summary of the results of the Utah Geological Survey’s preliminary slope-stability evaluation of the Pine Ridge landslide at the Timber Lakes Estates in Wasatch County, and discusses...
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