The Bluebell oil field, Uinta Basin, Duchesne and Uintah Counties, Utah: Characterization and oil well demonstration (SS-106)
By: C. D. Morgan, editor Hydrocarbon production in the Bluebell field is from three reservoirs in the Tertiary-aged Colton and Green River Formations: (1) overpressured Colton/Flagstaff, (2) lower Green River, and (3) upper Green River. Kerogen-rich shale and marlstone deposited...
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Defining and characterizing Mesaverde and Mancos Sandstone reservoirs based on interpretation of image logs, eastern Uinta Basin (OFR-458)
By: M. W. Longman and R. J. Koepsell This DVD is an FMI© “image atlas” tied to text describing key features and reservoir potential of the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group in the area of Natural Buttes field, Uinta Basin, Utah....
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Economic potential of the P.R. Spring oil-impregnated deposit, Uinta Basin, Grand and Uintah Counties, Utah (SS-65)
By: K. M. Clem The P.R. Spring oil-impregnated sandstone (tar sand) deposit is located in the southeastern portion of the Uinta Basin, approximately 50 miles northwest of Grand Junction, Colorado. These oil impregnated sandstones are in the Eocene Green River...
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The Hill Creek oil-impregnated sandstone deposit, (Uintah County) (RI-201)
By: J. W. Gwynn The Hill Creek oil-impregnated sandstone deposit is located on the rugged, southern flank of the Uinta Basin, in Uintah County, Utah. It lies westward of the P.R. Springs oil-impregnated sandstone deposit, being separated by the Willow...
Preliminary regional sequence stratigraphic framework and characterization of potential fluvial reservoirs of the Upper Mesverde Group, Uinta Basin, Utah (OFR-569)
By: J. L. Aschoff The Natural Buttes Gas Field, northeastern Utah, is one of the largest natural gas fields in the United States with more than 166 billion cubic feet of gas (BCFG) proved reserves. Natural gas production in the...
Reservoir characterization of the Cretaceous Cedar Mountain and Dakota Formations, southern Uinta Basin: Year-two report (OFR-492, 516)
By: M. L. McPherson, B. S. Currie, J. P. Dark, and J. S. Pierson The first and second year reports of a two-year study into the stratigraphic and petrophysical controls on the distribution of economically viable Cretaceous Cedar Mountain-Dakota (DMC)...
Interpretation of the Jurassic Entrada Sandstone play using 3D seismic attribute analysis, Uinta Basin, Utah (OFR-493)
By: R. W. Keach II, T. H. Morris, J. H. McBride, M. Mullen, H. E. Leetaru, and R. O'Neal This report evaluates the Entrada/Curtis-Moab interval using 3D seismic attributes of the North Hill Creek survey. The NHC 3D survey was...
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Integrated sequence stratigraphic and geochemical resource characterization of the lower Mancos shale, Uinta Basin, Utah (OFR-483)
By: D. S. Anderson and N. B. Harris This study characterizes the lateral and vertical distributions of shale facies within a sequence stratigraphic framework and integrates depositional facies with geochemical analysis as a basis for assessing the shale-gas potential of...
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Mesaverde gas of southeastern Uinta Basin (OFR-460)
By: P. B. Anderson Contains a 20-page report on the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group gas play in the southeastern part of the Uinta Basin of northeastern Utah. Included are three regional well-log cross sections that penetrate the entire Mesaverde section...
Utah Core Research Center catalog of samples (OFR-413)
By: W. F. Case Contains data from the Utah Core Research Center catalog of samples. The data includes API number, sample location in longitude/latitude or UTM, sample type, sample intervals, elevations, production zones, formations, and map quadrangles. The searchable catalog...
Reservoir characterization of the Lower Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah (OFR-411)
By: C. D. Morgan, T. C. Chidsey Jr., K. P. McClure, S. R. Bereskin, and M. D. Deo The oil-productive lower Green River Formation in the Uinta Basin has five district reservoirs that are geologically characterized at regional scale and...
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Tar-sand resources of the Uinta basin, Utah: a catalog of deposits (OFR-335)
By: R. E. Blackett Tar-sand, or oil-impregnated sandstone, deposits and occurrences of the Uinta Basin, Utah are summarized and presented. Twenty five tar-sand deposits/occurrences are reviewed with respect to geology, locations of bitumensaturated outcrops, land ownership, physiography, bitumen-analyses, development histories,...
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