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Utah Ghost Towns/Sites Then and Now
By: R.N. & M.L. Preston The overlay, that is used over the map of UTAH 1900, (maps 3,4,5 and 6) has been reproduced from a modern map. The purpose is to show the changes in the state over a period...
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Utah Ghost Rails
By: Stephen L. Carr & Robert W. Edwards Enjoy finding and learning about the ghost rails of Utah with Utah Ghost Rails. Find spots where there used to be twin rails carrying hundreds of passengers. This book briefly outlines the...
A Guide to Southern Utah's Hole in the Rock Trail
By: Stewart Aitchison In 1879, 230 settlers in southwestern Utah heeded the call from leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to pull up stakes and move to the distant Sand Juan River country of southeastern Utah....
Mysteries and Legends Utah: True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained
By: Michael O'Reilly In 1855, Caleb Rhoades accompanied Ute Indians to a sacred burial site in the Uinta Mountains - and there beheld a cave full of gold artifacts. Montezuma's treasure? Or relics made by the ancient Lamanites from the...
The Great Salt Lake
By: Dale L. Morgan The Great Salt Lake is a remarkable book, written by a remarkable man. After the passage of nearly a half-century, it remains one of the most informative and readable general histories of Utah yet written; a...
Orrin Porter Rockwell: Man of God/Son of Thunder
By: Harold Schindler One of the old West's most intriguing and mythic figures, Orrin Porter Rockwell stirs strong emotion even today. Saint or cold-blooded killer - the evidence is in your hands. Other Information: Published: 1993 Pages: 417
Park City (Images of America)
By Dalton Gackle Settled by miners and Mormons after the Civil War and incorporated in 1884, Park City grew into one of the world’s most prestigious mining camps. Known primarily for its richness in silver, Park City miners also extracted...
The Lady in the Ore Bucket: A History of Settlement and Industry in the Tri-Canyon Area of the Wasatch Mountains
By: Charles L. KellerWhen the first company of Mormon settlers arrived in the Great Salt Lake Valley in July 1847, it was immediately apparent that their survival depended upon what resources they found in the mountains surrounding them. The Great...
Outlaw Tales of Utah: True Stories of Utah's Most Famous Rustlers, Robbers, and Bandits
By: Michael Rutter Massacres, mayhem, and mischief fill the pages of Outlaw Tales of Utah. Meet the Wild Bunch, outlaws who sought refuge between heists hanging out and hiding out in Utah. Butch Cassidy, its leader, once paid a farmer's...
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Lost Treasures on the Old Spanish Trail
The Old Spanish Trail was a pathway with but one purpose: to lead followers to the legendary land of Cibola and its immeasurable treasures of silver and gold. Lost Treasures of the Spanish Trail takes readers through the history of the trail...
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Salt Desert Trails
By: Charles Kelly First published in 1930, Salt Desert Trails tells the story of the Great Salt Desert crossing by early explorers and emigrant parties. Central to the story is the opening of Hastings Cutoff in 1846, which led to...
Rails Around Helper (Images of America)
By: SueAnn Martell and the Western Mining and Railroad Museum In 1880, the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad was hard-pressed to find a suitable rail route from Grand Junction to Salt Lake City. With the coal deposits of eastern Utah...
The Story of Clear Lake, Utah
The Story of Clear Lake, Utah By Venetta Bond Kelsey This book tells the story of a little railroad, farming & ranching community situated in the middle of the Black Rock Desert and Pahvant Valley of south central Utah.  Clear...
Utah Place Names
By: John W. Van Cott Poverty Flat. Bearskin Gulch. Drunker Hollow. All Utah toponyms, or place names. Where are they? What is their history? Their importance? Do they exist today? John W. Van Cott has spent the better part of...
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Exploring Desert Stone: John N. Macomb's 1859 Expedition to the Canyonlands of the Colorado
By: Steven K. MadsenJohn N. Macomb's historic expedition - from Santa Fe through the Four Corners region, along the Old Spanish Trail, and into what is now Canyonlands National Park in search of the elusive confluence of the Colorado and...
Kidnapped From That Land: The Government Raids on the Short Creek Polygamists
By: Martha Sonntag Bradley The story of the government raids on the Short Creek polygamists. Other Information: Published: 1996 Pages: 206
Paddling the John Wesley Powell Route: Exploring the Green and Colorado Rivers
On May 24, 1869, John Wesley Powell and nine crewmen in four wooden rowboats set off down the Green River to map the final blank spot on the American map. Three months later, six ragged men in only two boats...
Troubled Trails: The Meeker Affair and the Expulsion of Utes from Colorado
By: Robert Silbernagel When U.S. Calvary troops rode onto the Ute Indian Reservation in northwestern Colorado on September 29, 1879, they triggered a chain of events that cost the Utes their homeland. They included a deadly battle at Milk Creek,...
The Great State of Utah
By: Marvin Jacobson This booklet is full of fun and interesting factoids about Utah. Each county in this booklet has its own page, complete with a photograph and basic county information. Fun facts about the counties are also included. For...
Papa Married a Mormon
By: John D. Fitzgerald The first time Papa laid eyes on Mamma he told her he loved her...had to kidnap her in broad daylight and hide her in a water-barrel to keep her Mormon family from stopped the marriage. Papa...
Lee's Ferry: From Mormon Crossing to National Park
By: P.T. Reilly One of the few places where wheeled vehicles could approach the Colorado River in its long miles through deep canyons and, thus, a critical transportation and communication link, north and south and up and down the river,...
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