A Collector's Guide to Rock Mineral & Fossil Localities of Utah (MP 95-4)
By: J. R. WilsonWith the tremendous growth of population in this and neighboring states, there are more collectors than ever before and with the rapidly escalating prices for mineral and fossil specimens in the retail market, there is a great...
Geologic History of Utah: A Field Guide to Utah's Rocks
By: Lehi F. Hintze and Bart J. Kowallis This is a completely revised (with color added) version of the most widely used book on the geology of Utah in print. This book supplements the published geologic maps of Utah (Hintze,...
Utah Geologic Highway Map (BG-09)
By: Lehi Hintze Utah's landscape is dominated by layered rocks. They come in many colors and shapes and range from rocks formed more than two billion years ago to strata being laid down today. They are the book of stone...
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Rockhounding Utah
By: William A. Kappele This completely updated and revised, full-color edition of Rockhounding Utah reveals the grandeur of the state's exposed formations, its canyon walls etched with fossils, and the spires and arches of the Needles District in Canyonlands National...
Exceptional Cambrian Fossils from Utah: A Window Into the Age of Trilobites (MP 15-1)
By: Richard A. Robison, Loren E. Babcock, and Val G. Gunther Few places have a better fossil record of Cambrian life than Utah. In Exceptional Cambrian Fossils from Utah: A Window Into the Age of Trilobites, the authors present an...
Roadside Geology of Utah
By: Felicie Williams, Lucy Chronic, and Halka Chronic Utah's splendid scenery is the splendor of its rocks. You see them everywhere in their bright colors, intricate patterns, dramatic structures, and eroded sculpture. All kinds and conditions of rocks that record...
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Gem Trails of Utah
By: James R. Mitchell Updated and expanded, this classic best-seller is filled with expert advice from years of experience. Rockhounds just starting out or collectors who have been discovering Utah's treasures for years will find this an invaluable source of...
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Popcorn Rock
Popcorn Rock is a naturally occurring mineral found at limited outcrops in the Great Basin of the Western U.S., whose amazing properties were first discovered by Utah geologist Richard D. Barnes in 1981. The same geologic processes that are at...
Special Issue on Utah (reprint of Rocks & Minerals Utah Special) (PI-26)
By: UGS Staff This publication is a reprint of Rocks & Minerals, v. 68, no. 6, Nov/Dec 1993. Contains articles on the geology of Utah, mineral collecting in Utah, middle Cambrian fossils, pyrite in the Park City district, Bingham Canyon...
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Exploring the Geology of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah: The Greatest Story Ever Told by Nine Miles of Rock 2nd Edition
By: Ron Harris "Geology is the very essence of connecting with the land. It is the air we breath the water we drink, the materials we use to build...the energy resources we crave and the wilderness that takes our breath...
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A Guide to Gold Panning in Utah Second Edition
By: Alan J. Chenworth Looking for gold in Utah? This book is a comprehensive guide to the prospector who would like to go out on the weekend, take in some beautiful scenery, get some exercise, and maybe find some gold....
Rockhound guide to selected rock and mineral localities in Utah (PI-62)
By: UGS StaffFourteen locations for collecting rocks and minerals throughout Utah. Contains site directions, collecting regulations, and suggested reading.Other Information: Published: 1999Location: UtahMedia Type: Paper Publication
Rock Collecting for Kids: An Introduction to Geology
Rock collecting is for everyone! Nature’s treasures are just beneath our feet, waiting to be discovered. With this book, you’ll experience the excitement of finding, collecting, and identifying rocks and minerals. Dan R. Lynch, author of many field guides, presents...
Landscapes of Utah's Geologic Past
A summary of Utah's fascinating geologic history, featuring illustrative photos from Utah's national parks. Includes "fast facts" and "did you know" questions and insights. The geologic history of Utah organized by geologic period that discusses the climate, key localities, and...
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Geology Unfolded: An Illustrated Guide to the Geology of Utah's National Parks
By: Thomas H. Morris, Scott M. Ritter, and Dallin P. Laycock A succinct and aesthetically-pleasing guide that addresses the most often asked geological questions about Utah's spectacular national parks. Special features include: aerial photographs for views and insights not obtainable...
A Hiking Guide to the Geology of the Wasatch Mountains: Mill Creek and Neff Canyons, Mount Olympus, Big and Little Cottonwood, and Bells Canyon
By: William T. Parry Northern Utah's Wasatch Mountains are popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts in every season. These mountains rise spectacularly from the relatively flat valley floor to thirteen peaks over 11,000 feet in elevation. An additional nineteen peaks rise...
Arches to Zion: A Guide to the Scenery and Geology of the Colorado Plateau Between Utah's National Parks
The geological scenery that brings Visitors to Utah's five national parks does not start and stop at the park boundaries. This richly illustrated book provides interested travelers with mile-by-mile insights into the geological and human history of the area between...
Geologic Highway Map of Arizona
By: Robert J. Kamilli & Stephen M. Richard This full color highway map shows the geology of Arizona. With a landscape dominated by layered rocks, this map tells the tale of the many colored and shaped rocks formed more than...
Pocket Genius: Rocks and Minerals: Facts at Your Fingertips
Profiling nearly 200 types of rocks and minerals from volcanic rocks and granite to sparkling diamonds and explosive sulfur, Pocket Genius: Rocks and Minerals digs deep beneath the surface, informing young readers what each rock is made of, how they are formed...
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Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau
By: Ron Blakey and Wayne Ranney Imagine seeing the varied landscapes of the earth as they used to look throughout hundreds of millions of years of earth history. Tropical seas lap on the shores of an Arizona beach. Immense sand...
Geology of Millard County, Utah
By: L. F. Hintze and F. D. Davis This bulletin serves not only to introduce the non-geologist to the rich geology of Millard County, but also to provide professional geologists with technical information on the stratigraphy, paleontology, and structural geology...
Ceratosaurus (Dinosauria, Theropoda), a revised osteology (MP 00-2)
By: J. H. Madsen Jr. and S. P. Welles The Ceratosauria is modified to include two super families with one new subfamily. Two new species of Ceratosaurus are described, the first based on an articulated skeleton from the Fruita Paleontological...
The Rockhound's Handbook
By: James R. Mitchell Rockhounding - the popular term for the hobby of collecting rocks, and minerals. But beyond the possibility of making a new find or valuable discovery, rockhounding offers all ages the opportunity to learn about the nature...
Rockhound guide to mineral and fossil localities in Utah (C-63)
By: C. H. Stowe, compiler The Utah Geological and Mineral Survey (named changed to Utah Geological Survey) first issued a preliminary report, 'Collector's Guide to Mineral and Fossil Localities in Utah', June, 1977, due to a demand for a handbook...
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