1895 Historical Relief Map of Utah
First published over 120 years ago, the reprinted 1895 Relief map of Utah is a fantastic display of surveyed information that includes mineral locations throughout Utah, colloquial names of familiar places in the state, mineral production values at the time...
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Historical Map of Wagon Routes in Utah Territory, 1859
This historical map reprint displays the wagon routes in the Utah territory and westward used by pioneers and settlers during the middle of the 19th century. Compiled under the orders of the US government, this incredible map offers a view...
from $15.00
Great Salt Lake and Adjacent Country Historical Map 1850
This historical map reprint, surveyed all the way back in 1849 and 1850, covers the Great Salt Lake and surrounding area of the Utah territory! Take a trip back in time to see our state through the eyes of the...
Historical 1891 Salt Lake City Art
Published all the way back in the year 1891, this reprinted artistic view of Salt Lake City shows a unique perspective of the city from so long ago! Includes notated public buildings, hotels, railroads, schools, churches, suburbs, public parks, and...
from $15.00
Birds-Eye View of Salt Lake City 1875 Historical Map
This historical map reprint was first published in 1875 and depicts the fledgling metropolis of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Viewing the city towards the southeast from the north side, it's remarkable to see how far the city has come in the...
from $15.00
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