Night Sky Playing Cards: Playing with the Constellations
Play Cards and Learn to Identify Constellations in the Northern Hemisphere! Anyone who enjoys nature, the great outdoors, and stargazing will love these cards for playing your favorite games or to use as flash cards. Inspired by Jonathan Poppele and...
Pocket Naturalist The Night Sky: A fold out guide
By: James Kavanagh & Raymond Leung This laminated glow-in-the-dark guide to stars and constellations introduces readers to the night sky. This guide focuses on the brightest stars and constellations that are visible from cities in the Northern Hemisphere in summer...
Utah's Dark Sky Passport
By Utah State University, Institute of Outdoor Recreation & Tourism Explore Utah's many certified Dark Sky Places, connect with the cosmos, and complete activities in this Dark Sky Passport. For each Dark Sky Place you visit: Describe your experience, stamp...
Glow-In-The-Dark Night Sky Stickers
Jewels of the night sky glow in the dark! You'll become a night sky traveler in your own room when these stickers start to shine! Twelve glow-in-the-dark images of a spiral galaxy, a comet, an asteroid, stars, Earth, and other...
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Starry Sky Adventures Utah: Hike, Paddle, and Explore under Night Skies
Starry Sky Adventures Utah presents the best outdoor adventures to take under the stars. Hike, paddle, and camp under the constellations in the darkest destinations around. This guide highlights astrotourism destinations across Utah, including Dark Sky Places recognized by the...
National Geographic Pocket Guide to the Night Sky of North America
We all gaze at the night sky in wonder—and this guidebook, the ninth in the National Geographic Pocket Guide series, provides a go-to reference for everything filling the dark canvas above us. A basic guide to the solar system, distant...
Take-Along Guide: Planets Moons And Stars
Take our latest Take-Along Guide outside at night! Planets, Moons and Stars provides an introduction to the bodies in our solar system. Young astronomers and explorers will learn to identify our nine planets and how to seek out the shapes...
Reading Weather: The Field Guide to Forecasting the Weather
Reading Weather provides a quick and simple way to understand how the atmosphere works, how to interpret and use weather forecasts before venturing outdoors, and also how to make your own forecast in the field by observing the changes in...
Pocket Naturalist Weather: A fold out guide
By: James Kavanagh & Raymond Leung This laminated guide is a great introduction to clouds, storms and weather patterns. Illustrated pictures and diagrams explains the causes of different weather phenomenons and how to identify them. Other Information: Published: 2001 Pages:...
Backyard Guide to the Night Sky
Stargazing's too much fun to leave to astronomers. In these inviting pages, "Night Sky Guy" Andrew Fazekas takes an expert but easygoing approach that will delight would-be astronomers of all levels. Essential information, organized logically, brings the solar system, stars,...
Meteorites – by Alain Carion
Meteorites are by definition extraterrestrial objects that landed on Earth. About 100,000 tons of those objects fall to Earth every year, but 90% of them weigh less than one gram. In fact, although they have been preserved in mineral collections...
Night Sky: A Guide to Our Galaxy
This informative guide is an excellent introduction to the stars, constellations and nebulae that make up the visible sky at night. Nearly two-thirds of Americans no longer live in a place where the Milky Way, our home galaxy, is visible...
By: Chris Wormell and Raman Prinja Welcome to the museum that is always open to explore... Step inside the pages of this beautiful book to discover galleries of galactic matter, expertly curated to bring you the experience of a fascinating...
Meteorites – by Bruce L Stinchcomb
‘Over 500 color images and engaging text provide insight into these interesting collectibles from ‘‘out of this world.’’ Meteorites link back to the early stages of the Milky Way galaxy and are the oldest items one can touch, some dating...
Rocks From Space
By: O. Richard Norton This popular nontechnical introduction to the fascinating world of meteorites, asteroids, comets, and impact craters is now even better! With more than 50 new photographs and updated illustrations, new and expanded appendixes, and some fun cosmic...
Backpacker Magazine's Predicting Weather: Forecasting, Planning, And Preparing
Backpacker Magazine's Weather informs readers about how weather happens, how to predict and recognize weather patterns, identify cloud formations and know what they mean, develop weather awareness from basic meteorological concepts, and more. This handy pocket-sized guide is 96 pages, includes...
The Weather Handbook 2nd Edition
Watts explains how to accurately predict weather patterns through common-sense observations of clouds and wind and readings of weather maps. An invaluable resource for hikers, boaters, fishermen, and farmers. 70 color photos and illustrations.
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Peterson Field Guide to Stars & Planets
By: Jay M. Pasachoff The fourth edition of this must-have field guide has been completely updated to include the latest astronomical information. All time-sensitive material is now valid through 2014. Newly revised color Monthly Sky Maps and Atlas Charts by...
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