Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope
Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope The Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope is a compact, lightweight 60X microscope that can be clipped onto smartphones and mobile phones that are equipped with a camera. It is used for viewing very...
Active Eye 30x Illuminated Loupe Magnifier
Get targeted, optimal illumination with the Active Eye loupe. The loupe works by the light of an intensely bright LED bulb, giving you 30x magnification without eye strain. Features: easily identify pests, disease, or plant species to target fast solutions;...
Grain Size Chart
Grain Size Chart This durable grain size chart is made from transparent plastic offering the ability to do an accurate comparison and sizing of grains. Also references gravel.
Estwing 22 oz Rock Hammer with Pick
Estwing Rock Picks have a bonded and molded Shock Reduction Grip which offers the utmost in both comfort and durability, while reducing vibrations caused by impact. The head and handle are forged in one piece and have a fully polished...
Handheld Plastic Magnifier
Handheld Plastic Magnifier Dual lens magnifier has 3x and 6x magnifications. 50mm diameter. Hole in handle for attaching a lanyard. Great for kids to use to see small objects
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Westcott Model GR-2 UTM Grid Reader
In 1974, USGS designated the UTM grid system as the national standard for large scale maps such as 7.5 and 15 minute series topographic map sheets. Compared to latitude and longitude, it is significantly easier to use. GPS users will...
Forestry Suppliers Archaeological Pick Set
This kit features 12 precision tools that have high tensile strength, pointed tips, sharp cutting edges, knurled gripping surfaces, and are corrosion-resistant.  Use these tools to detail and clean objects you find in the yard or on the hike.
Brunton TruArc 3 Compass
The Brunton TruArc 3 compass is a classic yet modern navigation tool.  Brunton reliability, a TruArc™ Global Needle, & tool-free declination adjustment make this compass an essential on any trail. FEATURES• Made in the USA in Riverton, Wyoming.• TruArc™ Global Needle tilts up...
Mineral Test Kit
Mineral Test Kit the necessary tools for rock, mineral, and fossil identification. The Test Kit includes streak plate, glass plate, hand lens, dropper bottle, magnet, nail, penny, and hardness scale. Comes in a zip-lock pouch.
Magnifying Bug Viewer
Magnifying Bug Viewer Allows for close, critical examination of bugs. With a 2.5x glass lens, bugs are magnified to show fine details. The grid system incorporated into the 5 cm square bottom opening can be used as a gauge to...
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Estwing Nylon Sheath for Pointed End Rock Hammers
Estwing Nylon Sheath for pointed rock hammers.  Use to safely carry your rock hammer in the field.  Secure using belt loop. Designed to fit Estwing models E30, E30SE, E13P & E13PM Durable ballistic nylon contruction with reinforced stitching Offers safety...
Utm Grid Reader II
The UTM Grid Reader II utilizes the Universal Transverse Mercator System! Used to find and plot coordinates, measure distances in feet, estimate surface area in acres, and aid in finding slope on a topographic map. Features include enlarged templates on...
Basic Illustrated: Map and Compass
By: Cliff Jacobson Richly illustrated and information-packed tools for the novice or handy reference for the veteran, Basic Illustrated: Map & Compass distills years of knowledge into an affordable and visual guide. This guide will help you discover how to...
Rite in the Rain Universal Field Book #374
Rite in the Rain Field-Flex Notebook, Universal, Yellow, 4-5/8” x 7-1/4” Yellow, No. 374, 4-5/8” x 7-1/4”, 64 Leaves. Take these notebooks along on your field trips! The Rite in the Rain paper sheds water to protect your important written...
Estwing Rock Hammer 24 Oz with Chisel
7-1/4”, 24 oz. Head Estwing Chisel-Edge Rock Pick; 11”L Forged, one-piece solid steel. Nylon-vinyl grip.
Lanyard Nylon
Bausch & Lomb Hasting Triplet Pocket Magnifiers
Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplet Pocket Magnifiers The Hastings lens consists of three separate lenses made of different types of glass, each ground and polished to instrument quality standards and cemented together. Strong chrome-plated metal case protects lens. The next...
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Rite in the Rain ALL-WEATHER Notebook #135
No. 135 – Universal, Rite in the Rain Memo Book Universal pattern, tactical green PolyDura cover, 50 green-tinted leaves (100 Pages). Keep one of these Memo Books handy for use in any kind of weather!
  • Hi-Vis Green
  • Yellow
Estwing 14 oz Lightweight Rock Hammer with Pick
Estwing Rock Picks have bonded and molded Shock Reduction Grip which offers the utmost in both comfort and durability, while reducing vibrations caused by impact. The head and handle are forged in one piece and have a fully polished head....
Rite In The Rain ALL-WEATHER Tactical Clicker Pen No 97
Rite in the Rain All-Weather Tactical Clicker Pen, No. 97, Flat Black Casing, Black Ink Writes underwater, upside down, and in temperatures as low as -30°F. Temperature Range: -30°F to 250°F. All-weather, tactical clicker pen. Steel casing. 5-1/4” Long.
  • Black Ink
  • Blue Ink
Bottle Glass Large #1295
These quality clear glass vials with screw-on lids are ideal for storing and displaying gold and other specimens. Used as a standard for determining the weight of gold. Features : These Screw-on Vials made with Clear Transparent Glass for Clean...
Estwing Pointed-Tip Rock Pick, 22 oz. Orange Grip
Estwing Pointed-Tip Rock Pick, 7”, 22 oz. Head; 13”L, Orange Grip  Forged, one-piece solid steel. Nylon-vinyl grip. Warning: Picks may chip when struck against rocks or other hardened surfaces or tools. Always wear safety goggles. Bystanders should also wear safety...
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Waypointer Scale
Waypointer Scale   Use this easy-to-read scale to quickly and accurately determine or plot longitude or latitude coordinate locations for use as waypoint data in GPS receivers or for accurately map plotting coordinates taken from GPS receivers. Features appropriate scales...
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Rite in the Rain ALL-WEATHER Notebook #353
COVER COLOR: Yellow MATERIAL: Polydura, 19 gauge REFERENCE: Imperial & metric rulers BINDING STYLE: Wire-O PROPERTIES: Rust-resistant FINISH: Rounded corners ALL-WEATHER PAPER COLOR: White SHEET SIZE: 4.625" x 7" PAGES: 64 pages / 32 sheets WEIGHT: 32# Rite in the...
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