Hiking & Exploring Utah's San Rafael Swell
By: Michael R. Kelsey 4th EditionOther Information: Published: 2014 Pages: 352
Nontechnical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau
By: Michael R. Kelsey This 6th Edition of the Canyon Guide to the Colorado Plateau has been completely revamped and updated. Most all of the canyon maps have been re-drawn and are more accurate then past editions. The book is...
Scenic Driving Utah
By: Christy Karras Pack up the car and enjoy twenty-eight drives through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Beehive State, a land described as a photographer's paradise, a rockhound's nirvana, and a geologist's ultimate dream world. This indispensable...
Hiking and Exploring Utah's Henry Mountains & Robbers Roost: Including: The Life and Legend of Butch Cassidy
By: Michael R. Kelsey The newest and most comprehensive guidebook yet on the Henry Mountains and Robbers Roost country. In Michael Kelsey's all new third edition of Hiking & Exploring Utah's Henry Mountains and Robbers Roost you will find over...
Hiking & Exploring the Paria River
By: Michael R. Kelsey Introducing the new and updated Hiking and Exploring the Paria River 5th edition! In this full-color edition, Michael R. Kelsey has added an additional 96 pages of new hiking adventures, photographic tours, Indian ruins, and local...
Technical Slot Canyon Guide to the Colorado Plateau
By: Michael R. Kelsey In this all new second edition of Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau you will find over 330 pages documenting over 110 different major technical canyons plus many, many more smaller (though no less challenging)...
Best Hikes With Dogs: Utah
By: Dayna Stern The best dog-friendly hikes for the most doggone fun! Utah boasts 84,900 square miles of wilderness and recreation areas, parks, and national forests. But the Beehive State is home to high deserts, hot slickrock, and harsh climates,...
Hiking Utah
By: Dave Hall Hiking Utah Features seventy-five of the finest trails Utah's remarkable backcountry has to offer- from day hikes to overnight adventures. This comprehensive guide will provide all the information you need to get the most out of hiking...
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Utah's Incredible Backcountry Trails
By: David Day The diversity of Utah's backcountry is legendary. Situated in the heart of the America West, it combines the rugged splendor of the Rocky Mountains with the colorful sandstone canyons of the Colorado Plateau and the remote deserts...
Best Easy Day Hikes Moab
By: Stewart M. Green Moab - there's a lot of magic in that name. It conjures up bare-bones landscapes of stunning beauty, deep canyons excavated by the Colorado River, distant vistas of peak and plain, long cliff bands of multicolored...
A Hiking Guide to Cedar Mesa: Southeast Utah
By: Peter Francis Tassoni The Cedar Mesa country is a convoluted land of cliffs, arches, natural bridges, hoodoos, and spires. It is a land of flash floods and extreme temperature that demands much from those who would explore it. It...
Utah Mountaineering Guide
By: Michael R. Kelsey This edition of the Utah Mountaineering Guide has been completely rewritten & updated with an all new format from previous printings. The canyon hikes in previous editions have been eliminated, several new maps, mountains, & hikes...
Canyoneering 2: Technical Loop Hikes in Southern Utah
By: Steve AllenCanyoneering 2 is a guide to seven week-long backpack trips into some of the least-visited areas of the Colorado Plateau. Every hike contains the four essentials of a great canyoneering route: spectacular canyons, intimate narrows, big views, and...
Starry Sky Adventures Utah: Hike, Paddle, and Explore under Night Skies
Starry Sky Adventures Utah presents the best outdoor adventures to take under the stars. Hike, paddle, and camp under the constellations in the darkest destinations around. This guide highlights astrotourism destinations across Utah, including Dark Sky Places recognized by the...
High in Utah: A Hiking Guide to the Tallest Peak in Each of the State's 29 Counties
By: Michael R. Weibel & Dan Miller High in Utah is a book for peak baggers and hikers alike. It accommodates all levels of experience. Most of Utah's high peaks can be climbed in a day, and some are even...
Paddling the John Wesley Powell Route: Exploring the Green and Colorado Rivers
On May 24, 1869, John Wesley Powell and nine crewmen in four wooden rowboats set off down the Green River to map the final blank spot on the American map. Three months later, six ragged men in only two boats...
Off the Beaten Path: Utah
By: Michael Rutter Tired of the same old tourist traps? Take the road less traveled and discover the hidden attractions, unique finds, and unusual locales other guidebooks just don't offer. Off the Beaten Path features the things you'd want to...
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Moab Classic Hikes: 40 Hikes in the Moab Area
By: Damian Fagan This guide to hikes in the Moab area concentrates on local favorites and classic routes. With forty full color shaded relief/topographic maps accompanied by photographs and detailed descriptions of the forty routes, author Damian Fagan guides you...
Hiking the Southwest's Canyon Country
By: Sandra Hinchman Hiking the Southwest's Canyon Country explores the Four Corners Region's most enjoyable trails and awe-inspiring scenic attractions through seven multi-day itineraries, from Zion to Bryce Canyon to the banks of the Rio Grande. Each itinerary features something...
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