Geology, ore deposits, and history of the Big Cottonwood Mining District, Salt Lake County, Utah (B-114)
By: L. P. James The Big Cottonwood area lies in the highest portion of the Wasatch Mountains southeast of Salt Lake City. It contains exposed geologic features developed during two billion years of earth history. Discoveries of small but rich...
Selected mining districts of Utah (MP 05-5)
By: C. L. EgeWhether you are a geologist, history buff, or rockhound, this booklet will be a helpful guide to Utah?s mining districts. The booklet is divided up into three parts: the first part provides general information on what a...
Geology and mineral resources of Box Elder County, Utah (B-115)
By: H. H. Doelling Box Elder County is situated in the northwest corner of Utah bordering with Idaho on the north, Nevada on the west, Tooele and Weber counties on the south and Cache County on the east. It comprises...
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Following the Legends: A GPS Guide to Utah's Lost Mines and Hidden Treasures
Utah's history is overflowing with legends. For the past 25 years, Dale Bascom has been collecting stories, maps, and documentation about Utah's legends. In Following the Legends, he attempts to draw the line between fact and fiction in the quest...
Energy, mineral, and ground-water resources of Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah (B-132)
By: R. W. Gloyn, D. E. Tabet, B. T. Tripp, C. E. Bishop, C. D. Morgan, J. W. Gwynn, and R. E. BlackettThe Utah Geological Survey has collected and evaluated information on the known and potential energy, mineral, and ground-water...
Utah Mining 2019: Metals, Industrial Minerals, Coal, Uranium, and Unconventional Fuels (C-130)
by Stephanie E. Mills, Andrew Rupke, Michael D. Vanden Berg, and Taylor Boden Summary This report summarizes 2019 energy and mineral resource production statistics and values for Utah. Discussions cover energy resources including oil, natural gas, coal, and uranium, and nonfuel...
The quartzite building stone industry of the Raft River and Grouse Creek Mountains, Box Elder County, Utah (SS-84)
By: B. T. TrippThis report complements the Utah Stone brochure by providing stone producers, land use planners, and potential stone buyers with detailed information on the quartzite building stone industry of the Raft River - Grouse Creek Mountains area of...
Utah Mineral Occurrence System (UMOS) Database (OFR-757)
By: Diane Menuz and Rebekah Downard The Utah Mineral Occurrence System (UMOS) is a database that includes known mineral mines, quarries, prospects, and deposits in Utah. The database focuses on metallic and industrial minerals, but also includes information on energy...
The geology of Kane County, Utah: geology, mineral resources, and geologic hazards (B-124)
By: H. H. Doelling, F. D. Davis, and C. J. Brandt Kane County, with its 4105 square miles, lies along the south-central margin of Utah and is found in the western part of the Colorado Plateaus physiographic province. It is...
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Geology, ore deposits and mineralogy of the Rocky Range, near Milford, Beaver County, Utah (SS-57)
By: J. A. WhelanThe Rocky Range is a small, isolated mountain range northwest of Milford in Beaver County, Utah. The range was organized into a mining district in 1872 and has been a small but significant producer of copper and...
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Building stone quarries and yards, Utah and parts of Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming (OFR-521)
By: D. E. BoleneusThis report contains comprehensive information about the building stone industry in Utah and the nearby states of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Washington, and is presented in three parts: 1.) an inventory of stone operations and stone yards...
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Large mines in Utah 2008 (OFR-515)
By: R. L. Bon and S. I. Wakefield, compilersThe information in this table is from the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining. Large Mines are those having more than five acres of disturbance at a time. Coal mines are...
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2009 Summary of mineral activity in Utah (C-111)
By: R. L. Bon and K. A. KrahulecThis publications discusses the gross value of energy and mineral commodities Utah mines and energy companies produced during 2009. It also discusses the types of energy and mineral commodities produced in the state,...
Interim Geologic Map of the Browns Hole Quadrangle, Weber and Cache Counties, Utah (OFR-760)
By: Zachary W. Anderson, Greg N. McDonald, Elizabeth A. Balgord, and W. Adolph Yonkee The Browns Hole quadrangle is in Weber and Cache Counties of northern Utah and covers the eastern part of Ogden Valley, a rapidly developing area of...
Interim Report on the Great Salt Lake Lithium Resource (OFR-759)
By: Andrew Rupke This report documents a brief evaluation of the potential lithium resource in Great Salt Lake and leans heavily on historical data from the Utah Geological Survey’s GSL brine chemistry database from the 1960s through the 1990s; limited...
A Directory of the Mining Industry of Utah 1967 (B-84)
The first Directory of the Mining Industry of Utah published by the Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey in 1965 covered the industry through the year 1964. This the second directory provides information through 1967. The following agencies were especially helpful...
Lithium Brine Analytical Database of Utah: Second Edition (OFR-758)
By: Andrew Rupke and Taylor Boden This report and accompanying database is a compilation of analytical data that includes lithium concentrations from brine samples collected in Utah. The purpose of this database is to catalog the potential lithium resources in...
The Economic Contribution of Utah’s Energy and Mining Industries (MP-176)
Summary This study quantifies the economic contribution of Utah’s energy and mining industries to Utah’s gross domestic product (GDP), employment, worker earnings, state tax revenue, and total economic output. This report also explores contributions at a sectoral level and analyzes...
Utahs Extractive Resource Industries 2011 (C-115)
By: Taylor Boden, Michael Vanden Berg, Ken Krahulec, Dave Tabet, and Mark GwynnOther Information:Published: 2012Pages: 27Location: Utah Media Type: Paper Publication
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Mineral occurrences in the Emergency Withdrawal Area and adjacent lands in the Great Salt Lake Desert (Tooele County) (RI-200)
By: J. W. Gwynn, K. M. Clem, M. A. Shubat, B. T. Tripp, and P. A. SturmThis mineral report was prepared to fulfill the requirements of PL 94-579 Sec. 204 (c)(2) for the emergency withdrawal of a portion of the...
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Lead and zinc publications for Utah: a collection of reprints (OFR-466)
Contains reprints of 10 out of-print items concerning uranium/vanadium. The CD contains the following publications:C-9 Initial report on the Lead Ore mine, Tooele County, Utah, by A. M. Buranek, 1942, 6 p.C-10 Preliminary report on the Milljohn silver-lead claim, Fish...
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Mines and prospects in and around the Farmington Canyon complex, northern Utah (OFR-325)
By: R. W. Gloyn, M. A. Shubat, and B. H. MayesForty-three mines and prospects were examined in the northern Wasatch Mountains of north-central Utah. Areas sampled include the Argenta, Morgan, Farmington, and Hot Springs(City Creek) districts and the Mountain Green...
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Characterization of argillic alteration and K/Ar dating of illite at the Mercur gold mine, Utah: further evidence for a Mesozoic age of gold mineralization (MP 93-5)
By: P. N. Wilson and W. T. ParryMineralogical and chemical analyses of argillic ally altered rocks sampled on transects of the Carrie Steele and Lulu Graben fault zones in the Mereur gold deposit, indicate that the argillic mineralogy and geochemistry...
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1996 summary of mineral activity in Utah (C-98)
By: R. L. Bon, R. W. Gloyn, and D. E. TabetThe value of Utah?s mineral production in 1996 is estimated to be $2.2 billion, a decrease of $197 million from 1995. This still makes 1996 the second-highest year in total...
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