Geologic map of Utah (M-A1)
This geologic map compiled by Lehi Hintze and published by the Utah Geological (and Mineral) Survey in 1980 shows the geology of Utah in gorgeous colors. Compiled from the 1:250,000 scale Geologic Maps of Utah published by Utah State Land...
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Utah: a geologic history from Paleozoic to Present (PI-54)
This informative, and colorful poster shows the history of Utah. Several maps of Utah bring some of the most drastic geologic changes of Utah's history to life. Other Information: Dimensions: 35 x 18 Location: Utah Type: Paper Map Â
Geologic postcard of Utah (PI-81)
By: G. C. Willis To many people Utah is the geology state. This simplified geologic map reflects the large variety of geologic events from over 2600 million years that created the spectacular scenery of Utah’s red rock country, high alpine...
Geologic guide to the central Wasatch Front canyons, Salt Lake County, Utah (PI-87)
By: S. N. Eldredge Striking beauty, abundant recreational opportunities, historic mining and pioneer locales, and a unique geologic story stretching back over one billion years make Salt Lake County's Wasatch Front canyons a world-class attraction. This guide highlights the six...
Geologic Cross Section of the Central Wasatch Front (WM-20)
This map is placed on heavy card stock. This informative, and colorful poster shows the dramatic geology of the Wasatch Mountains. Beautiful, full-color illustrations and detailed descriptions makes this a wonderful poster for anyone. Other Information: Dimensions: 24" x 18"...
Commonly Asked Questions About Utah’s Great Salt Lake and Ancient Lake Bonneville (PI-104)
By: Jim Davis, J. Wallace Gwynn, and Andrew Rupke This second edition of Commonly Asked Questions about Great Salt Lake and Ancient Lake Bonneville follows more than a quarter-century after the first edition. When the original was published in 1996, Great...
Geologic map of Arches National Park Postcard (M-102)
By: H. H. Doelling Arches National Park is one of the geologic wonders of the world. It has the greatest concentration of stone arches on the earth developed around a salt anticline. An accumulation of nearly 10,000 feet of salt...
Geologic map of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Postcard (PI-56)
By: G. C. Willis Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument covers 1.7 million acres between Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks. The geology consists of 6,000 feet of well-exposed, layered sedimentary rocks that are between about 65 million and 200 million...
The Wasatch fault (PI-40)
By: S. N. Eldredge A beautifully designed and easy to understand publication discussing the geologic history of the Wasatch Fault and possible dangers it poses to anyone living nearby. This is a perfect introduction to the fault for anyone of...
Geologic postcard of Goblin Valley (PI-82)
By: UGS Staff This postcard shows the geology of Goblin Valley State Park. Goblin Valley lies in southeastern Utah, between Capitol Reef National Park and Arches National Park. The spectacular and sometimes bizarrely shaped stone goblins, for which the park...
The geology of Snow Canyon State Park, Washington County, Utah (PI-13)
By: M. H. Bugden The stark intensity of Snow Canyon State Park’s colors, terrain, and vegetation create a surrealistic flair to one of southern Utah’s most striking recreation areas. Snow Canyon’s scenery reminds us of the earth’s past when extensive...
Digital geologic map of Utah (M-179dm) Printed Copy
By: L. F. Hintze, G. C. Willis, D. Y. M. Laes, D. A. Sprinkel, and K. D. Brown This map on compact disc is a digital version of the 1:500,000-scale Geologic Map of Utah compiled by Lehi F. Hintze and...
Major levels of Great Salt Lake and Lake Bonneville (M-73)
By: D. R. Currey, G. Atwood, and D. R. Mabey Great Salt Lake has intrigued and challenged the explorers, tourists, petroleum geologists, mineral extractors, brine-shrimp harvesters, transportation engineers, health professionals, wildlife biologists, meteorologists, climatologists, hydrologists, geologists, urban planners, and government...
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Relief map of Utah (M-20)
At a bargain price, this Utah map shows the shaded relief of Utah in beautiful, rich colors. It's small size makes this map great for any wall.Dimensions: 20 x 25Location: UtahType: Paper map
Canyon Country: a geologic guide to the Canyonlands travel region (PI-34)
By: S. N. Eldredge This vast rock desert in southeastern Utah showcases deep, colorful canyons, majestic natural monuments pictured in western movies, a fantasy land of towering pinnacles and slot canyons, rock arches and bridges, and breathtaking vistas atop mesas....
Geologic tours of northern Utah (MP 92-1)
By: S. K. Morgan The unique and spectacular scenery of northern Utah is fashioned by dynamic processes that occur on and within the Earth’s crust. Imagine that for over 200 million years the mountains and valleys we see today in...
Geologic Postcard of Grand County, Utah Postcard (M-100)
By: H. H. Doelling Grand County, 3,695 sq. miles, on Utah's eastern border, exposes its Precambrian to Tertiary rocks along magnificent cliffs and canyons. It contains abundant resources of petroleum, uranium, coal, and salts. The greatest concentration of arches and...
Why is Bear Lake so blue? And other commonly asked questions (PI-96)
J. Davis and M. Milligan In addition to its splendor, Bear Lake is a scientific wonder. Over the past few decades, Bear Lake has been intensely studied because it is one of the oldest lakes in North America, has not...
Geology of Snow Canyon State Park, Utah Postcard (PI-15)
By: M. H. Bugden Snow Canyon State Park near St. George is in the southwest corner of Utah and has the basalts, Kayenta Formation, and Navajo Sandstone that make spectacular scenery throughout southern Utah. Of special interest are the cinder...
Utah stone (PI-17)
By: B. T. Tripp Utah's geological diversity provides a wide variety of known building stones in the state and potential for discovery and production of many other types. Utah's building stones, currently in production, are quartzite, sandstone, and limestone. Rhyolite,...
Rock Cycle Poster - always changing (PI-97)
UGS Staff A brand new geologic poster, great for any classroom! This beautifully designed illustration details the different phases of the rock cycle, depicted in a way that will make it easy and fun for anyone to learn about the...
Metalliferous resources of Utah (PI-57)
By: M. R. Smith and M. R. MilliganDuring the past billion years, geologic events and processes have created Utah's diverse mineral resources. These events and processes include mountain building and erosion, magmatic intrusion, and hot fluids circulating in the crust....
Rainbow of rocks: mysteries of sandstone colors and concretions in Colorado Plateau canyon country (PI-77)
By: M. A. Chan and W. T. Parry Sunrise illuminates Colorado Plateau’s canyon country. In the early morning light, cliffs radiate a rich red glow, and a sculptured panorama of sandstone is revealed in a rich palette of crimson, vermilion,...
Geology and scenery of the central Wasatch Range, Salt Lake and Summit Counties (PI-9)
By: M. H. Bugden This self-guided geologic trip will lead you through times when inland seas, ancient mountains, vast mud flats, sandy deserts, and massive glaciers ruled Utah's landscape. You will learn how colliding crustal plates changed Utah's face, how...
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