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A Guide to Gold Panning in Utah Second Edition
By: Alan J. Chenworth Looking for gold in Utah? This book is a comprehensive guide to the prospector who would like to go out on the weekend, take in some beautiful scenery, get some exercise, and maybe find some gold....
You Can Find Gold With a Metal Detector
By: Charles Garrett & Roy Lagal You can find gold with a metal detector. It's easy... when you know how! Just follow three simple rules:1. Look in the right places, areas where gold has been found;2. Search correctly, using a...
The New Gold Panning is Easy
By: Roy Lagal Anyone can use a pan to recover gold from mountain streams, desert arroyos or wherever it awaits you. Roy Lagal, who has spent a lifetime finding gold, tells just how easy it is. Take your next vacation...
Dowsing for Beginners: How to Find Water, Wealth & Lost Objects
By: Richard Webster You can easily locate gold, water, oil, artifacts, lost objects - even missing people - when you follow the simple instructions in Dowsing for Beginners. With plenty of expert guidance and inspiration from Richard Webster, you'll discover...
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Some Dreams Die: Utah's Ghost Towns and Lost Treasures
By: George A. Thompson Some Dreams Die is the most comprehensive guide to Utah's ghost towns ever assembled. In the course of his research the author visited the sites of over four hundred deserted communities, and probed their unique histories....
Ghost Town Treasures: Ruins, Relics & Riches
By: Charles Garrett Searching for America's past is the subject of this book, along with learning how you can profit financially from such a search. Ghost Town Treasures defines what ghost towns are and tells how to locate them through...
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Where to Find Gold in the Desert
By: James Klein Want to know where you have the best chance to find gold today? In fact, the deserts of America's Southwest are filled with gold...some of it occurring naturally and some of it hidden as part of treasure...
Modern Prospecting: How to Find, Claim, and Sell Mineral Deposits
By: Roger McPherson A gold pan, a couple of screens, a small shovel, rock hammer, hand lens, and sample bags are the essential tools for prospecting. However, to have a better chance of discovering a deposit, a prospector must also...
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The New Successful Coin Hunting
By: Charles Garrett A fortune in coins awaits today's modern metal detectors. A generation of coin hunters learned their skills from Charles Garret. Now, he shares more knowledge gained from finding coins with metal detectors all over the world. The...
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