Roadside History of Utah
By: Cynthia Larsen Bennett Anyone traveling through Utah's gorgeous landscape may be curious about the people who have lived there over time. Anyone who's ever heard of the Mormon Trail may be piqued to learn more about that extraordinary journey...
Roadside History of Nevada
By: Richard Moreno There's more to Nevada than one-armed bandits, cheap buffets, and Elvis impersonators and this book proves it. Roadside History of Nevada leads readers across the not-so-lifeless desert, visiting long-forgotten boom-and-bust mining towns, quirky roadside stops, and the...
Roadside History of Idaho
By: Betty Derig The best way to enjoy Idaho's rich heritage is to visit the sites where history happened. Roadside History of Idaho transports you to those places through well-researched well-told stories and vivid historical photographs. Other Information: Published: 1996...
Roadside History of New Mexico
By: Francis L. and Roberta B. Fugate Within New Mexico we have experienced a variety of unspoiled beauty and natural wonders equaled in few other areas of similar size. But we cannot tell you about them; they have to be...
Roadside History of Wyoming
By: Candy Moulton The vast expanses of Wyoming's seemingly empty landscapes belie the turbulent events and colorful characters that make up the state's rich past. Roadside History of Wyoming explores the people who made history and what they did to...
Roadside History of Montana
By: Don Spritzer Sitting between an extensive travel guide and an academic history, Roadside History of Montana tells the narrative of the history of Montana. Other Information: Published: 1999 Pages: 432
Roadside History of Colorado
By: Candy Moulton Colorado's roads wind through country that is steeped in history, sometimes tracing routes with a history of their own, from the Santa Fe Trail to the Million Dollar Highway. But no matter where you roam in this...
Roadside History of Arizona
By: Marshall Trimble Join Marshal Trimble, state historian, storyteller, and native son, on the highways and back roads of Arizona, where a Grand Canyon's worth of facts and stories add up to a portrait of a state. Along the way...
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