Hydrogeology, Groundwater Chemistry, and Water Budget of Juab Valley, Eastern Juab County, Utah (SS-170)
By: Hugh A. Hurlow, Paul C. Inkenbrandt, and Trevor H. Schlossnagle Summary This report summarizes the findings of a hydrogeologic study of Juab Valley in eastern Juab County, Utah, conducted in 2015–20 by the Utah Geological Survey (UGS). The principal work...
Hydrogeology of Round Valley, Wasatch County, Utah (RI-279)
By: Paul InkenbrandtRound Valley is a small valley in the eastern Wasatch Range in north-central Utah, south of Heber City and east of Deer Creek Reservoir in Wasatch County. This hydrogeologic study of Round Valley by the Utah Geological Survey...
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Hydrogeologic Studies and Groundwater Monitoring in Snake Valley and Adjacent Hydrographic Areas, West-Central Utah and East-Central Nevada (B-135)
This report presents results and analyses of hydrogeologic, geophysical, groundwater-monitoring, and hydrochemical studies and aquifer tests by the Utah Geological Survey (UGS) in Snake Valley, Tule Valley, and Fish Springs Flat, Millard and Juab Counties, west-central Utah. The primary objectives...
Hydrogeology of the Malad-Lower Bear River Basin, North-Central Utah and South-Central Idaho (SS-157)
By: Hugh HurlowThis report characterizes the lithology of the younger (i.e., Quaternary) basin fill of the Malad–Lower Bear River basin in north-central Utah to provide a geologic framework for evaluation of groundwater flow and the potential effects of additional future...
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Hydrogeology of the Powder Mountain Area, Weber and Cache Counties, Utah (SS-156)
By: Paul C. Inkenbrandt, Stefan M. Kirby, and Brittany DameThe Utah Geological Survey performed a one-year study of the hydrogeology of the Powder Mountain area to better understand the hydrologic connection between springs, streamflow, and new water wells in adjoining...
Aquifer Parameter Estimation from Aquifer Tests and Specific-Capacity Data in Cedar Valley and The Cedar Pass Area, Utah County, Utah (SS-146)
By: Lucy JordanThis 53-page report details aquifer parameter estimation in and near Cedar Valley, west of Utah Lake and the Lake Mountains, in Utah County, Utah. The UGS conducted five aquifer tests on the two most important aquifers in the...
Geologic and hydrologic characterization of regional nongeothermal groundwater resources in the Cove Fort Area, Millard and Beaver Counties, Utah (SS-140)
By: S. Kirby This report describes the nongeothermal hydrogeologic system of the Cove Creek basin and an adjoining part of the Beaver River basin north of Milford, in Millard and Beaver Counties, Utah. The groundwater system in the study area...
Hydrogeology of Morgan Valley, Morgan County, Utah (SS-139)
By: J. Wallace, M. Lowe, J. K. King, W. Sabbah, and K. Thomas Morgan Valley in the Wasatch Range, like several other hinterland valleys, is a rural area characterized by extensive agricultural activity and increasing population. Groundwater in the unconsolidated...
The hydrogeology of Moab-Spanish Valley, Grand and San Juan Counties, Utah, with emphasis on maps for water-resource management and land-use planning (SS-120)
By: M. Lowe, J. Wallace, S. M. Kirby, and C. E. Bishop Contains a 40-page report with an 83-page appendix and 12 maps that address ground-water conditions in Moab-Spanish Valley’s valley-fill aquifer and provide recommendations for water-resource management and land-use...
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Guidelines for preparing hydrogeologic reports addressing suitability for alternative waste-water disposal systems in rock in Duchesne County, Utah (RI-238)
By: M. Lowe Many lots in Duchesne County cannot presently be developed because exposed or shallow rock makes them unsuitable for conventional septic tank soil-absorption systems. Duchesne County and the Utah Division of Water Quality have developed designs for alternative...
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A summary of the geology and hydrogeology of the Cedar Valley drainage basin, Iron County, Utah (OFR-360)
By: C. Eisinger The Cedar Valley drainage basin encompasses more than 580 square miles (1,502 km2) in southwestern Utah. Located in the transition zone between the Basin and Range and Colorado Plateau physiographic provinces, the drainage basin includes Cedar Valley,...
Guidelines for preparing hydrogeologic and soil reports addressing suitability for alternative wastewater disposal systems in Weber County, Utah (C-102)
By: M. Lowe and D. Sorensen Many lots in Weber County presently cannot be developed because adverse site characteristics (such as soil that percolates outside of acceptable rate ranges or shallow ground water) make them unsuitable for conventional wastewater disposal...
Preliminary hydrogeologic framework characterization - ground-water resources along the western side of the northern Wasatch Range, eastern Box Elder County, Utah (C-101)
By: H. A. Hurlow This report summarizes the bedrock geology of the western part of the northern Wasatch Range in eastern Box Elder County, Utah , and its relation to ground-water resources. The southern part of the northern Wasatch Range...
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