Geologic consequences of the 1983 wet year in Utah (MP 88-3)
By: B. N. Kaliser and J. E. Slossen Geologic consequences of the abnormally wet year of 1983 were unprecedented in number, magnitude, and geographic distribution in the l36-year history of Utah. That year was preceded by an extraordinarily wet 1982...
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Causes of basement flooding along 11800 South near 3800 West, South Jordan and Riverton, Salt Lake County (RI-195)
By: G. E. Christenson The purpose of this investigation was to determine the source of shallow ground water which is flooding basements in three homes along 11800 South between 3600 and 4000 West in South Jordan and Riverton. These homes...
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Engineering geologic map folio, Springdale, Washington County, Utah (OFR-340)
By: B. J. Solomon This publication is an engineering folio for the Springdale area. Three of the six plates deal with different hazards, which are: landslide hazards; flood hazards and problem soils; and earthquake hazards, shallow ground-water, rock-fall hazards, and...
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The Davis County flood warning and information system (OFR-151)
By: M. Lowe, S. R. Williams, and S. W. Smith Extensive damage occurred in Davis County in 1983 and 1984 due to flooding and debris-flow events. As a result of these recent hazards events, Davis County has taken a number...
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Maximum extent of potential flooding due to simultaneous failure of dams in Salt Lake County, Utah (OFR-127)
By: W. F. Case The purpose of this study is to determine the probable maximum extent of flooding if all Salt Lake County dams failed simultaneously and all reservoirs drained completely, as may occur during a large earthquake. It is...
Flood hazards from lakes and failures of dams in Utah (M-111)
By: K. M. Harty and G. E. Christenson Parts of Utah are subject to lake-flooding hazards from large fluctuations of lake shorelines and intermittent flooding of dry lakes, mud/salt flats, and marshes. The greatest potential for damage from lake flooding...
Shallow ground water and related hazards in Utah (M-110)
By: S. Hecker and K. M. Harty, compilers Many population centers in the state are in areas susceptible to shallow ground-water problems. Rising water tables in recent years have caused flooding in basements, storage tanks, underground utilities, waste dumps, and...
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