Geologic guide to the central Wasatch Front canyons, Salt Lake County, Utah (PI-87)
By: S. N. Eldredge Striking beauty, abundant recreational opportunities, historic mining and pioneer locales, and a unique geologic story stretching back over one billion years make Salt Lake County's Wasatch Front canyons a world-class attraction. This guide highlights the six...
A Hiking Guide to the Geology of the Wasatch Mountains: Mill Creek and Neff Canyons, Mount Olympus, Big and Little Cottonwood, and Bells Canyon
By: William T. Parry Northern Utah's Wasatch Mountains are popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts in every season. These mountains rise spectacularly from the relatively flat valley floor to thirteen peaks over 11,000 feet in elevation. An additional nineteen peaks rise...
60 Hikes Within 60 Miles SLC
By: Greg Witt 3rd Edition The best way to experience Salt Lake City is by hiking it! Get outdoors with local author Greg Witt, with the full-color edition of 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Salt Lake City. A perfect blend of popular...
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Wasatch 3D Atlas
By: Steven L. Richardson and Benjamin M. Richardson Experience the Wasatch Mountains Like you've never seen them before! Explore the awesome topography of every ridge cliff, hiking trail and ski area from Salt Lake City to Park City to Provo....
Hiking the Wasatch
By: John Veranth An updated edition of the most detailed guide to Hiking the Trails of the Wasatch Mountains . Other Information: Third Edition Published: 2014Pages: 272
Geology and scenery of the central Wasatch Range, Salt Lake and Summit Counties (PI-9)
By: M. H. Bugden This self-guided geologic trip will lead you through times when inland seas, ancient mountains, vast mud flats, sandy deserts, and massive glaciers ruled Utah's landscape. You will learn how colliding crustal plates changed Utah's face, how...
Wasatch Eleveners
Wasatch Eleveners: A Hiking and Climbing Guide to the 11,000-Foot Mountains of Utah's Wasatch Range. The Wasatch Mountains sit on the western edge of the Rockies. Stretching south through Utah from Bear River in the north to Mount Nebo in...
Wasatch Touring Map 2
Hike, Bike, and Ski This multi-season map covers the area between Alta-Snowbird-Brighton (North) to Sundance (South). The photo side features the Lone Peak panorama (super-poster 6) and a view down-canyon (super-poster 8). Many popular winter routes are shown and the...
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Urban Trails: Salt Lake City
Salt Lake Valley - Trans-City Routes - Millcreek - Cottonwoods By Ashley Lauren Brown Urban Trails: Salt Lake City will get residents and visitors alike outside on more than 40 routes in the beautiful parks, canyons, and mountains in and...
Wasatch Touring Map 3
Southern Wasatch Backcountry This Alpentech map shows the mountains and backcountry East of Provo with trail access and avalanche information from the Utah Avalanche Center and UDOT forecasters with established UDOT Avalanche Forecasting nomenclature.  Includes Mt. Timpanogos, Sundance Resort, Cascade and...
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