The Rock and Gem Book
By: Dan Green What is the difference between a rock and a gem? What makes the Hope Diamond so special? Why are some minerals fluorescent? Dig deep to find the answers in The Rock and Gem Book. Filled with over...
The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe
By: Theodore Gray The elements are what we, and everything around us, are made of. But how many elements has anyone actually seen in pure, uncombined form? The Elements provides this rare opportunity. Based on seven years of research and...
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Princeton Field Guide Minerals of the World
By: Ole Johnson One of the most up-to-date popular guide to minerals available. The text descriptions include crystallography, physical properties, chemical properties, names and varieties, diagnostic features, and occurrences. More than 500 minerals are detailed, with examples from around the...
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Peterson Field Guide Rocks and Minerals
By: Frederick H. Pough The definitive guide to rocks and minerals, completely updated for the fifth edition, includes 385 color photographs showing rocks, minerals, and geologic formations. Hundreds of minerals are described, with details such as geographic distribution, physical properties,...
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National Audubon Society: Pocket Guide - Familiar Rocks and Minerals of North America
By: Charles W. Chesterman Once considered a specialized hobby, the study of rocks and minerals is now a widely popular pursuit of immense interest and fascination to many people. This guide is for beginners; it presents easily discernible features that...
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Firefly Guide to Minerals, Rocks, & Fossils
By: A.C. Bishop, A.R. Woolley, & W.R. Hamilton This new edition of a classic reference work has been completely revised, updated and redesigned, and includes new extended introductory sections and appendices. Information detailed in this handbook includes over 600 species...
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Firefly Guide to Gems
By: Cally Oldershaw A fascinating, richly illustrated guide to the identification and use of gemstones. The introduction describes the geology, chemistry and properties of gems in clear and accessible terms, and also provides a valuable color key. The main section...
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Firefly Guide to Fossils
By: Firefly Books The Firefly Guide to Fossils is an authoritative and practical guide to the identification, understanding and hunting of all types of fossil. This beautifully illustrated book introduces the reader to all aspects of the study of fossils,...
Audubon Rocks & Minerals
By: National Audubon Society This first all-photographic field guide features 794 full-color images of all the important rocks, gems, and minerals of North America, showing their many variations of color and crystal form. The text provides descriptions of 200 minerals...
Audubon Field Guide to Fossils
By: National Audubon Society A detailed field guide to make fossil identification easy! This first all-photographic field guide to fossils features 474 full-color identification pictures of fossilized sponges, corals, trilobites, shells, teeth, and bones. Also included are 33 photographs of...
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