Energy, mineral, and ground-water resources of Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah (B-132)
By: R. W. Gloyn, D. E. Tabet, B. T. Tripp, C. E. Bishop, C. D. Morgan, J. W. Gwynn, and R. E. BlackettThe Utah Geological Survey has collected and evaluated information on the known and potential energy, mineral, and ground-water...
Mineral, energy, and ground-water resources of San Juan County, Utah (SS-86)
By: R. W. Gloyn, C. D. Morgan, D. E. Tabet, R. E. Blackett, B. T. Tripp, and M. LoweThe Utah Geological Survey has summarized information on the known and potential mineral and energy resources in San Juan County. The compilation...
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Central Utah coal fields: Sevier-Sanpete, Wasatch Plateau, Book Cliffs and Emery (MO-3)
Edited By: H. H. Doelling Contains a complete reproduction of the text of Central Utah coal fields: Sevier-Sanpete, Wasatch Plateau, Book Cliffs, and Emery by H. H. Doelling, first published in 1972. The text is subdivided into coal fields, area...
The geology of Kane County, Utah: geology, mineral resources, and geologic hazards (B-124)
By: H. H. Doelling, F. D. Davis, and C. J. Brandt Kane County, with its 4105 square miles, lies along the south-central margin of Utah and is found in the western part of the Colorado Plateaus physiographic province. It is...
Coal resources of the Muley Canyon Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale, Henry Mountains coalfield, Utah (SS-138)
By: S. Heuscher The Henry Mountains coalfield is in central Wayne and Garfield Counties in a remote area of Utah with few paved roads. The coalfield lies in a structural basin called the Henry Mountains syncline. The syncline is bounded...
Available coal resource for the Salina Canyon and southwestern part of the Wasatch Plateau coalfields, Sevier County, Utah (SS-129)
By: D. E. Tabet, B. P. Hucka, J. C. Quick, and S. I. Wakefield This report describes the coal stratigraphy, quality, and resource found in the Blackhawk Formation within four quadrangles in Sevier County, Utah. These quadrangles cover most of...
North Horn Mountain area coal drill-hole data: Wasatch Plateau coalfield, Emery County, Utah (OFR-449)
Contains digital images of geophysical logs as well as core descriptions, coal analysis reports, point location data forms, and some miscellaneous correspondence for drill holes from the North Horn Mountain area of the Wasatch Plateau coal field that have been...
Geologic map of the Wales quadrangle, Juab and Sanpete Counties, Utah (MP 99-2)
By: T. F. Lawton and M. P. Weiss The Wales quadrangle lies in a region of structural transition between the extended lithosphere of the Basin and Range and the moderately deformed Colorado Plateau. In Late Cretaceous time, this region was...
Southwestern Utah coal fields: Alton, Kaiparowits Plateau and Kolob-Harmony (MO-1)
Edited By: H. H. Doelling and R. L. Graham This publication covers information regarding the Southwestern Utah coal fields, and is the first in a three part series of publications. The text is subdivided into coal fields, area and quadrangle;...
The available coal resources for the nine 7.5-minute quadrangles in the northern Wasatch Plateau Coalfield, Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah (C-100)
By: D. E. Tabet, J. C. Quick, B. P Hucka, and J. A. Hanson This report provides estimates of the available coal resources in nine 7.5-minute quadrangles that encompass the northern half of the Wasatch Plateau coalfield. Coal production from...
Bibliography of Utah coal, 1869 through 1982 (B-120)
By: D .A. Foster and A. D. Smith The Bibliography of Utah Coal has been compiled in recognition of a need for many individuals to know where to find basic geologic and coal information. The compilation process utilized citations from...
Utahs Extractive Resource Industries 2011 (C-115)
By: Taylor Boden, Michael Vanden Berg, Ken Krahulec, Dave Tabet, and Mark GwynnOther Information:Published: 2012Pages: 27Location: Utah Media Type: Paper Publication
Analysis and regional implication of cleat and joint systems in selected coal seams, Carbon, Emery, Sanpete, Sevier, and Summit Counties, Utah (SS-74)
By: B. P. Hucka This study is intended to help Utah coal operators plan longwall and room and pillar mining operations. Cleat and joint orientations were performed in 22 active mines located in the Book Cliffs, Wasatch Plateau, Emery, and...
Muddy Creek coal drilling project, Wasatch Plateau, Utah (SS-55)
By: A. D. Smith Twenty-seven drill holes successfully tested the Lower Blackhawk Formation coal zones and penetrated the Star Point Sandstone on the Wasatch Plateau in central Utah. Reserve calculations show a total in-place measured, indicated, and inferred tonnage of...
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Potential mineral precipitation and water compatibilities related to the Drunkards Wash project, Carbon County, Utah (RI-241)
By: J. W. Gwynn River Gas Corporation produces approximately 36,000 barrels per day of saline water from the Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale as part of its Drunkards Wash coalbed-methane recovery project. Most of the sodium-bicarbonate-chloride produced water...
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Characteristics of Utah coals in the University of Utah's Coal Sample Bank (RI-226)
By: S. N. Sommer, D. M. Bodily, and E. M. Whitney In 1986, the Utah Geological Survey and the University of Utah's Department of Chemical and Fuels Engineering (formerly Department of Fuels Engineering) entered into a cooperative agreement to collect...
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The resinite resources of selected coal seams of the Book Cliff and Wasatch Plateau coalfields of central Utah (RI-225)
By: D. E. Tabet, B. P. Hucka, and S. N. Sommer Coal seams in the Wasatch Plateau and western Book Cliffs coal fields of Utah have high resinite contents. Resinite, or coal resin, is most abundant in the seams above...
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Mineral and energy resources in Kane County, Utah and their occurrence with respect to Wilderness Study Areas (RI-221)
By: R. E. Blackett, C. J. Brandt, T. C. Chidsey, Jr., and C. E. BishopThe Utah Department of Community and Economic Development enlisted the help of the UGS to review and report on the objectives and procedures for mineral resource...
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Coal quality characteristics of Utah's coal beds in and near potentially producible coal tracts (RI-219)
By: A. C. Keith The Utah Geological and Mineral Survey coal quality database includes over 1800 sample records. The quality information is the basis for this report on Utah's economic coal beds. The coal characterization data is intended to define...
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Description, correlation, and summary of coal drill core TM-7, (Emery County) (RI-205)
By: S. N. Sommer and D. A. Foster There were three primary objectives of this study. The first was to describe and photograph a complete section through the Blackhawk Formation. The second was to examine the varying properties the coals...
Utah Core Research Center catalog of samples (OFR-413)
By: W. F. Case Contains data from the Utah Core Research Center catalog of samples. The data includes API number, sample location in longitude/latitude or UTM, sample type, sample intervals, elevations, production zones, formations, and map quadrangles. The searchable catalog...
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Coal resources of the Henry Mountains coalfield (OFR-362)
By: D. E. Tabet This study builds on the work of various previous investigators and includes new data from outcrop studies carried out by UGS personnel during the late 1980s as well as recently released coal company drilling and coal-quality...
Interim geologic map of the Scofield quadrangle, Carbon, Emery and Sanpete Counties, Utah (OFR-341)
By: S. P. Knowles This black and white map covers the Jump Creek quadrangle. Information in this publication includes a cross-section and a correlation of map units. This Open-File release makes information available to the public during the review and...
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Maps of total Ferron coal, depth to the top, and vitrinite reflectance for the Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale, central Utah (OFR-329)
By: D. E. Tabet, B. P. Hucka, and S. N. Sommer Three new maps were prepared of the Upper Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale in central Utah to help understand its coalbed gas deposits. The maps show...
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