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Wasatch Wildflowers: A Field Guide
By: Steve Hegji You don't have to be an expert to appreciate the beauty of wildflowers, and now, you don't have to be an expert to identify them either. With this straightforward guide to over 200 of the most common...
Edible & Medicinal Plants of the West (BN-13)
By: Gregory L. Tilford Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West is a full-color photographic guide to the identification, edibility, and medicinal uses of over 250 plant species, growing from Alaska to southern California, east across the Rocky Mountains and...
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Utah Wildflowers: A Field Guide to Northern and Central Mountains and Valleys
By: Richard J. Shaw A portable, visual guide to the festival of wildflowers that renew the mountains and valleys of Utah every spring and summer, Utah Wildflowers introduces over 100 species of flowering plants encountered regularly along the highways, back...
Wildflowers of Utah's Colorado Plateau
By: Deborah Clark Wildflowers of Utah’s Colorado Plateau is anessential field guide designed to help plant lovers identifynative wildflowers and shrubs throughout southern Utah.This book contains descriptions of 232 species (over 40 thatare endemic species not addressed in other field...
Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West (BN-94)
By: Michael Moore This highly regarded and successful reference book is an indispensable companion to Michael Moore's Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West, the preeminent guide to the preparation of herbal remedies. In this volume, the noted herbalist offers more...
A Guide to the Trees of Utah and the Intermountain West (BN-63)
By: Michael Kuhns Michael Kuhns has compiled a comprehensive guide to virtually every native and introduced tree species from the eastern slope of the Rockies west to the Sierra Nevada, and from north-central Oregon, the Salmon River region of Idaho,...
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The Bristlecone Book, A Natural History of the World's Oldest Trees
by Ronald M. Lanner  High among the cold, windswept peaks of America's mountain West, strange and beautiful trees grow old but never age. The Bristlecone book: A Natural History of the World's Oldest Trees brings together for the first time the captivating...
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Peterson Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Wildflowers
By: Craighead, Craighead & Davis This guide describes 590 species, with detailed information of flowering season, related species, range, and habitat. More than 100 plant drawings supplement these descriptions, and more than 200 color photographs show flowers as the appear...
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Capitol Reef Wildflowers
By: Deborah J. Clark An essential field guide to wildflowers of the Capitol Reef area. This book contains color photographs with the common and scientific names of 209 plants. Line drawing of 83 of these plants aid in identification. It...
Wild Berries of the West
By: Betty Derig & Margaret Fuller Wild Berries of the West, a color field guide to more than 150 berries and fruits of the western United States, is indispensable for berry lovers, adventurous cooks, amateur botanists, and students of Native...
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Peterson Field Guide to Western Trees
By: George A. Petrides & Olivia Petrides This newly designed field guide features detailed descriptions of 387 species, arranged in six major groups by visual similarity. The 47 color plates and 5 text drawings show distinctive details needed for identification....
North American Mushrooms
By: Dr. Orson K. Miller Jr. & Hope H. Miller With more than 600 brilliant color photographs, detailed line drawings, informative and illuminating descriptions, and critical identification keys, North American Mushrooms is the definitive guide to the fungi of the...
Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West (BN-66)
By: Michael Moore Herbalist Michael Moore, one of the founders of the modern herbal medicine movement in the United States, here updates in expanded form his classic work Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West, the indispensable field guide to identifying...
Edible Wild Plants and Useful Herbs
By: Jim Meuninck Richly illustrated and information-packed tools for the novice or handy reference for the veteran, Basic Illustrated books distill years of knowledge into affordable and visual guides. Whether you're planning a trip or thumbing for facts in the...
Canyon Country Wildflowers : A Guide to Common Wildflowers, Shrubs, and Trees
By: Damian Fagan Fully revised and published in cooperation with Canyonlands Natural History Association, Canyon Country Wildflowers is a comprehensive field guide to the diverse flora of the Four-corners area of the U.S., including Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. This...
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Peterson Field Guide to Rocky Mountain & Southwest Forests
By: John Kricher & Gordon Morrison In one easy-to-carry volume, this comprehensive field guide includes plants and wildlife it would otherwise take ten field guides to cover - all the flora and fauna you're most likely to see in the...
Peterson Field Guide to Mushrooms
By: Kent H. McKnight & Vera B. McKnight More than 1,000 species of mushrooms described in detail. Over 700 paintings and drawing reveal subtle field marks that cannot be captured in photographs. Other Information: Published: 1998 Pages: 429
Edible Wild Plants
By: Todd Telander Nature in Your Pocket. Edible Wild Plants highlights ninety of the most common and sought-after edible plant species in North America. Detailed illustrations and descriptions make it easy to identify plants in your backyard and beyond. Organized...
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Audubon Field Guide to Wildflowers: Western Region
By: National Audubon Society This fully revised edition brings a new level of beauty, accuracy, and usefulness to the field guide that wildflower enthusiasts have relied upon for more than 20 years. More than 940 full-color images show the wildflowers...
Audubon Field Guide to Trees: Western Region
By: National Audubon Society This first all-photographic field guide highlights, in 855 full-color images, the significant details of virtually all the trees native to western North America and many cultivated species, as you see them in their natural habitats. The...
Audubon Field Guide to the Southwestern States
By: Peter Alden & Peter Friederici For every resident of and visitor to the southwestern states, this uniquely compact yet comprehensive volume is the essential guide to the region's natural world. Whether you're at home or on the road, the...
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