The Changing Bonneville Salt Flats (PI-106)
By: Jeremiah Bernau The Bonneville Salt Flats in western Utah are renowned worldwide for hosting land-speed racing events. They are easily accessible from Interstate 80 and are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. This distinct landscape spans approximately 5 miles...
Benchmark Greater Yellowstone & Grand Teton Recreation Atlas & Guide
Yellowstone is our first national park and combined with Grand Teton National Park, the region is unrivaled in geologic wonder, dramatic landscapes, and unique wildlife. Benchmark Maps partnered with the University of Oregon's Department of Geography's InfoGraphics Lab to develop...
Benchmark British Columbia Road and Recreation Atlas (AT-14)
We are thrilled to announce the release of our 1st edition British Columbia Road & Recreation Atlas. Extensively researched and field-checked, this atlas brings Benchmark’s trusted brand of cartography to BC’s varied and expansive landscapes, showcasing the province’s endless recreation...
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Jigsaw Puzzle, Geology of Utah
Utah ROCKS! Rep the exceptional geology of Utah with this UGS custom designed jigsaw puzzle! In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Utah Geological Survey, this puzzle makes a perfect gift for geology lovers, and Utah fans. Lightweight jigsaw puzzle...
Shallow Groundwaer Hazard in Utah (PI-105)
By: Jessica J. Castleton Flooding can occur not only from surface water, such as from rivers and streams, but also through shallow groundwater. In developed areas, problems can occur when groundwater is within about 10 feet of the ground surface. Shallow...
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Tote bag, Geology of Utah
Utah ROCKS! Rep the exceptional geology of Utah with this new tote bag design! Lightweight cotton tote bag with the geologic map of Utah printed on one side.  Exclusive design from the Utah Geologic Survey! Other Information: Dimensions:  L 12in x...
T-Shirt, Geology of Utah
Utah ROCKS! Rep the exceptional geology of the state with this new shirt design! Super soft, short sleeved cotton t-shirt with the geologic map of Utah printed on the back. Nothing printed on the front. Exclusive design from the Utah...
Commonly Asked Questions About Utah’s Great Salt Lake and Ancient Lake Bonneville (PI-104)
By: Jim Davis, J. Wallace Gwynn, and Andrew Rupke This second edition of Commonly Asked Questions about Great Salt Lake and Ancient Lake Bonneville follows more than a quarter-century after the first edition. When the original was published in 1996, Great...
Stylized Retro Geologic Map of Utah
This stylized map is based on the Digital Geologic Map of Utah that was published in 2000.  This retro rendering is great for wall art that showcases Utah's myriad of rock formations in beautiful, vibrant colors.  Date first available: 2022 Dimensions:...
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Historical 1891 Salt Lake City Art
Published all the way back in the year 1891, this reprinted artistic view of Salt Lake City shows a unique perspective of the city from so long ago! Includes notated public buildings, hotels, railroads, schools, churches, suburbs, public parks, and...
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Birds-Eye View of Salt Lake City 1875 Historical Map
This historical map reprint was first published in 1875 and depicts the fledgling metropolis of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Viewing the city towards the southeast from the north side, it's remarkable to see how far the city has come in the...
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Historical Map of Wagon Routes in Utah Territory, 1859
This historical map reprint displays the wagon routes in the Utah territory and westward used by pioneers and settlers during the middle of the 19th century. Compiled under the orders of the US government, this incredible map offers a view...
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Great Salt Lake and Adjacent Country Historical Map 1850
This historical map reprint, surveyed all the way back in 1849 and 1850, covers the Great Salt Lake and surrounding area of the Utah territory! Take a trip back in time to see our state through the eyes of the...
Wasatch Touring Map 2
Hike, Bike, and Ski This multi-season map covers the area between Alta-Snowbird-Brighton (North) to Sundance (South). The photo side features the Lone Peak panorama (super-poster 6) and a view down-canyon (super-poster 8). Many popular winter routes are shown and the...
Highest Peaks of Utah Wall Map
A wall map of the state of Utah featuring names, locations, and elevations of the 100 highest peaks in Utah. Map data compiled from the State Geographic Information Database (SGID). Scale 1:600,000 Size: Approximately 32" x 40"
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Utah Place Names
By: John W. Van Cott Poverty Flat. Bearskin Gulch. Drunker Hollow. All Utah toponyms, or place names. Where are they? What is their history? Their importance? Do they exist today? John W. Van Cott has spent the better part of...
Why is Bear Lake so blue? And other commonly asked questions (PI-96)
J. Davis and M. Milligan In addition to its splendor, Bear Lake is a scientific wonder. Over the past few decades, Bear Lake has been intensely studied because it is one of the oldest lakes in North America, has not...
The geology of Goblin Valley State Park (PI-65)
By: M. R. Milligan The wonderfully grotesque stone sculptures that are Goblin Valley State Park’s main attraction are the consequence of millions of years of geologic history. Within the park are rocks composed of sediments from ancient seas, shorelines, river...
North American Mushrooms
By: Dr. Orson K. Miller Jr. & Hope H. Miller With more than 600 brilliant color photographs, detailed line drawings, informative and illuminating descriptions, and critical identification keys, North American Mushrooms is the definitive guide to the fungi of the...
Exceptional Cambrian Fossils from Utah: A Window Into the Age of Trilobites (MP 15-1)
By: Richard A. Robison, Loren E. Babcock, and Val G. Gunther Few places have a better fossil record of Cambrian life than Utah. In Exceptional Cambrian Fossils from Utah: A Window Into the Age of Trilobites, the authors present an...
Utah Earthquakes (1850-2016) and Quaternary Faults (M-277)
By: Steve D. Bowman and Walter J. Arabasz This map shows earthquakes known to have occurred within and surrounding Utah from 1850 through December 2016 and mapped Quaternary faults considered to be earthquake sources. The faults shown on the map...
Jordan River Water Trail
This excellent and thorough guidebook makes the Jordan River Water Trail approachable, convenient, and fascinating. Everyone from first-time boaters to experienced paddlers can use this guide to find surprisingly unique and enjoyable adventures on Salt Lake City's backyard river. It's...
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Exploring the Geology of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah: The Greatest Story Ever Told by Nine Miles of Rock 2nd Edition
By: Ron Harris "Geology is the very essence of connecting with the land. It is the air we breath the water we drink, the materials we use to build...the energy resources we crave and the wilderness that takes our breath...
Benchmark Utah Road and Recreation Atlas (AT-01)
Utah is well established as a recreation playground, from world-class skiing in the north to 5 amazing national parks in the south. Our Utah Road & Recreation Atlas is designed to help locals and visitors make the most of the...
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