Gold placers in Utah (C-47)
By: UGMS staff Only a small amount of material has been published concerning placer mining in Utah, most of which is now out-of-print and available only in libraries. There are seven publications that contain sections dealing with Utah placers. Most...
Utah gold: history, placers, and recreational regulations (PI-50)
By: C. M. WilkersonA useful guide to looking for gold on public land in Utah. This guide discusses history of gold in Utah, from the first reported gold discoveries to the operations still currently in production. Information concerning placers, planning,...
Special issue on Utah (reprint of Rocks & Minerals Utah Special) (PI-26)
By: UGS Staff This publication is a reprint of Rocks & Minerals, v. 68, no. 6, Nov/Dec 1993. Contains articles on the geology of Utah, mineral collecting in Utah, middle Cambrian fossils, pyrite in the Park City district, Bingham Canyon...
Mines and prospects containing gold in Utah (OFR-207)
By: M. A. Shubat, B. T. Tripp, C. E. Bishop, and R. E. Blackett This report contains information on 730 inactive mines and prospects in the state that produced or contain gold as a major (primary) or minor (by-product) commodity....
Selected mining districts of Utah (MP 05-5)
By: C. L. EgeWhether you are a geologist, history buff, or rockhound, this booklet will be a helpful guide to Utah?s mining districts. The booklet is divided up into three parts: the first part provides general information on what a...
Field guide to geologic excursions in Utah and adjacent areas of Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming, G.S.A. field guide, Rocky Mountain Section (MP 92-3)
By: J. R. Wilson, editorThis guidebook contains articles and road logs for field trips planned in conjunction with the 1992 meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section of the Geological Society of America held at Ogden, Utah. The field trip articles...
Geology, ore deposits and history of the Big Cottonwood mining distract, Salt Lake County, Utah
By: L. P. James The Big Cottonwood area lies in the highest portion of the Wasatch Mountains southeast of Salt Lake City. It contains exposed geologic features developed during two billion years of earth history. Discoveries of small but rich...
Mineral, energy, and ground-water resources of San Juan County, Utah (SS-86)
By: R. W. Gloyn, C. D. Morgan, D. E. Tabet, R. E. Blackett, B. T. Tripp, and M. LoweThe Utah Geological Survey has summarized information on the known and potential mineral and energy resources in San Juan County. The compilation...
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Mineral and energy resources in Kane County, Utah and their occurrence with respect to Wilderness Study Areas (RI-221)
By: R. E. Blackett, C. J. Brandt, T. C. Chidsey, Jr., and C. E. BishopThe Utah Department of Community and Economic Development enlisted the help of the UGS to review and report on the objectives and procedures for mineral resource...
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Geochemical characteristics of hydrothermally altered black shales of the southern Oquirrh Mountains and relationships to Mercur-type gold deposits (OFR-161)
By: P. N. Wilson and W. T. Parry Alteration of the Manning Canyon and Long Trail Shales in the southern Oquirrh Mountains has resulted in (1) oxidation of organic matter and pyrite; (2) replacement by phyllosilicates; (3) silicification; (4) porphyroblast...
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Characterization of argillic alteration and K/Ar dating of illite at the Mercur gold mine, Utah: further evidence for a Mesozoic age of gold mineralization (MP 93-5)
By: P. N. Wilson and W. T. ParryMineralogical and chemical analyses of argillic ally altered rocks sampled on transects of the Carrie Steele and Lulu Graben fault zones in the Mereur gold deposit, indicate that the argillic mineralogy and geochemistry...
Characteristics of acid-sulfate alteration in the Marysvale-Pioche mineral belt: a guide to gold mineralization (MP 91-2)
By: A. J. B. Thompson The zones of extensive acid-sulfate alteration in the Marysvale-Pioche mineral belt have been of interest to explorationists for many years, most recently for their precious metal potential. Based on recent field work, existing information and...
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Gold prospecting in Utah (MP 87-8)
By: M. R. Smith Reprinted from an August 1981 Survey Notes article, this free publication discusses the gold mining history, gold deposits, placer deposits, and prospecting for gold in Utah. Information on different types of land ownership and staking a...
Provisional geologic map of the Gold Hill quadrangle, Tooele County, Utah (M-140)
By: J. P. Robinson, H. M. Messenger, H. H. Doelling, B. T. Tripp, and M. E. Jensen The Gold Hill area of the northern Deep Creek Range of western Utah has undergone a diverse and complicated history of deposition, igneous...
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