Energy, mineral, and ground-water resources of Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah (B-132)
By: R. W. Gloyn, D. E. Tabet, B. T. Tripp, C. E. Bishop, C. D. Morgan, J. W. Gwynn, and R. E. BlackettThe Utah Geological Survey has collected and evaluated information on the known and potential energy, mineral, and ground-water...
The geology of Kane County, Utah: geology, mineral resources, and geologic hazards (B-124)
By: H. H. Doelling, F. D. Davis, and C. J. Brandt Kane County, with its 4105 square miles, lies along the south-central margin of Utah and is found in the western part of the Colorado Plateaus physiographic province. It is...
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Economic potential of the P.R. Spring oil-impregnated deposit, Uinta Basin, Grand and Uintah Counties, Utah (SS-65)
By: K. M. Clem The P.R. Spring oil-impregnated sandstone (tar sand) deposit is located in the southeastern portion of the Uinta Basin, approximately 50 miles northwest of Grand Junction, Colorado. These oil impregnated sandstones are in the Eocene Green River...
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Potential Oil-Prone Areas in the Cane Creek Shale Play, Paradox Basin, Utah, Identified By Epifluorescence Microscope Techniques (SS-160)
By: Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., David E. EbyThe Cane Creek shale of the Pennsylvanian Paradox Formation has produced more than 7.8 million barrels of oil and about 7.9 billion cubic feet of gas from 18 fields in the Paradox Basin...
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Basin-wide evaluation of the uppermost Green River Formation's oil-shale resources, Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado, Uinta Basin (SS-128)
By: M. D. Vanden Berg Due to the recent increase in crude oil prices and concerns over diminishing conventional reserves, the Utah Geological Survey has reexamined the Uinta Basin’s oil-shale resource, primarily in the Mahogany zone of the Green River...
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The resinite resources of selected coal seams of the Book Cliff and Wasatch Plateau coalfields of central Utah (RI-225)
By: D. E. Tabet, B. P. Hucka, and S. N. Sommer Coal seams in the Wasatch Plateau and western Book Cliffs coal fields of Utah have high resinite contents. Resinite, or coal resin, is most abundant in the seams above...
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Overburden map and thickness determination, Sunnyside oil-impregnated sandstone deposit, Carbon and Duchesne Counties, Utah (RI-210)
By: J. W. GwynnThe purposes of this investigation are to a) develop an overburden map for the Sunnyside oil-impregnated sandstone deposit, and b) make a determination of the thickness of the oil-impregnated sands within the deposit.The data base used in...
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The Hill Creek oil-impregnated sandstone deposit, (Uintah County) (RI-201)
By: J. W. Gwynn The Hill Creek oil-impregnated sandstone deposit is located on the rugged, southern flank of the Uinta Basin, in Uintah County, Utah. It lies westward of the P.R. Springs oil-impregnated sandstone deposit, being separated by the Willow...
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Economic potential of state-owned lands in the Sunnyside Special Tar Sand Area, Carbon County, Utah (RI-196)
By: K. M. Clem The Sunnyside oil-impregnated (tar sand) deposit is located in the southwestern portion of the Uinta Basin, approximately 25 miles east of Price, Utah. The tar sands are located in the Wasatch Formation and in the Douglas...
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Reconnaissance study of the Black Dragon tar sand deposit T. 20-22 S., R. 12-13 E., San Rafael Swell, Emery County, Utah (RI-194)
By: B. T. Tripp The study area, on the east flank of the San Rafael Swell, Emery Co., Utah, contains parts of three tar-sand deposits. These are the Black Dragon, Cottonwood Draw, and Red Canyon deposits. They occur in an...
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Sunnyside tar sand deposit: data and references from industrial exploration projects (OFR-566)
By: J. W. Gwynn The Sunnyside tar sand deposit, one of the largest in Utah, is located in Carbon County, about 25 to 30 miles east of Price, near Bruin Point on the Roan Cliffs. The majority of the bituminous...
Tar sand data for the P.R. Spring and Hill Creek areas, Uintah and Grand Counties, Utah (OFR-527)
By: J. W. Gwynn The P.R. Spring - Hill Creek tar sand deposit lies within an area extending from T. 12 S. through T. 17 S., and R. 20 E. through R. 25 E., Salt Lake Baseline and Meridian, in...
Annotated bibliography of Utah tar sands and related information (OFR-503)
By: J. W. Gwynn and F. V. Hanson This annotated bibliography of Utah tar sands includes references to and information on nearly 100 individual deposits. Each reference is followed by an annotation, typically the reference's table of contents. At the...
Shale gas resources of Utah: Assessment of previously undeveloped gas discoveries (OFR-499)
By: S. Schamel This report identified individual wells that had significant indications of natural gas within the Mancos Shale and Hermosa Group shale gas reservoirs, revealing regional patterns of gas shows in the Mancos and Hermosa. The report includes a...
Utah Oil Shale Database (OFR-469)
By: M. D. Vanden Berg, J. R. Dyni, and D. E. Tabet, compilers The Utah oil shale database contains a large assortment of information on boreholes that were drilled in the Eocene Green River Formation oil shale deposits in the...
Shale gas reservoirs of Utah: Survey of an unexploited potential energy resource (OFR-461)
By: S. Schamel Given the very limited amount and scope of information in the literature relevant to Utah's black shales, the 'screening criteria' that could be applied in this project, in most instances, was limited to just (1) organic richness...
Utah Core Research Center catalog of samples (OFR-413)
By: W. F. Case Contains data from the Utah Core Research Center catalog of samples. The data includes API number, sample location in longitude/latitude or UTM, sample type, sample intervals, elevations, production zones, formations, and map quadrangles. The searchable catalog...
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Tar-sand resources of the Uinta basin, Utah: a catalog of deposits (OFR-335)
By: R. E. Blackett Tar-sand, or oil-impregnated sandstone, deposits and occurrences of the Uinta Basin, Utah are summarized and presented. Twenty five tar-sand deposits/occurrences are reviewed with respect to geology, locations of bitumensaturated outcrops, land ownership, physiography, bitumen-analyses, development histories,...
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Argyle Canyon-Willow Creek tar sand deposit overburden map (Duchesne County) (OFR-101)
By: B. T. Tripp This tar sand deposit overburden map shows the location of the tar sand beds, overburden contour lines, and special tar sand area boundaries. Other Information: Published: 1986 Plates: 1 pl. Scale: 1:50,000 Location: Duchesne County Media...
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Argyle Canyon-Willow Creek tar sand deposit isopach map (Duchesne County) (OFR-100)
By: B. T. Tripp This tar sand deposit isopach map shows the location of the tar sand beds, tar sand thickness measurement locations, tar sand isopach lines, and special tar sand area boundaries. Other Information: Published: 1986 Plates: 1 pl....
Mineral fuels and associated energy resources (MP 87-2)
By: M. R. SmithUtah has valuable and abundant natural energy resources which include oil and natural gas, coal, uranium, gilsonite, geothermal hot water and steam, oil shale, tar sand, and methane. The locations of important energy resources are shown on...
Oil-impregnanted rock deposits of Utah (M-47)
By: H. R. Ritzma Utah's 53 deposits of oil-impregnated rock are mainly grouped within and around the Uinta Basin of northeast Utah and in the central southeast part of the State; twenty-five deposits are in the Uinta Basin and twenty-two...
Petroleum resources of the Paradox Basin (B-119)
By: K. M. Clem and K. W. Brown The Paradox Basin is a geologic area in southeastern Utah defined by the location of Pennsylvanian salt deposits. The Basin is bounded by the Uncompahgre Uplift to the east and north, the...
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