Mineral fuels and associated energy resources (MP 87-2)

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Coal Resources

By: M. R. Smith

Utah has valuable and abundant natural energy resources which include oil and natural gas, coal, uranium, gilsonite, geothermal hot water and steam, oil shale, tar sand, and methane. The locations of important energy resources are shown on the brochure map.

At the present time Utah is a sizeable production of oil, natural gas, and coal. Until about 1980, uranium played an important role in Utah?s economy, and Utah has the resources for it to become important again. Extensive research and successful pilot plants have shown that it is feasible to recover oil from oil shale and tar sand, and some electricity is being produced today from geothermal steam in southwestern Utah. Gilsonite has, in the past, been used as a source of gasoline and metallurgical grade coke. Utah?s known potential for the production of alternate sources of energy could become very important in the future.

Until the 1960s, mineral fuel production accounted for about 10 to 15% of the value of Utah?s total mineral industry. By early 1980, production of oil, gas, coal and uranium accounted for nearly 70%. The table provides an inventory of Utah?s mineral fuel resources, including production and remaining reserves.

Other Information:
Published: 1987
Location: Utah
Media Type: Paper Brochure

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