U.S. Army Survival Handbook
Whether in a temperate, tropical, arctic, or subarctic region, you might find yourself alone in a remote area with little or no personal gear. This thoroughly revised new edition of the classic U.S. Army Survival Handbook provides the information you...
Pocket Naturalist Earthquake Survival: A Pocket Guide
By: Waterford Press Earthquake Survival A Disaster Survival Guide: Prepare for & Survive an Earthquake Earthquakes strike with devastating force and often without warning. Approximately 41 US states are at risk of moderate to severe earthquakes, and amazingly, these states...
The Packraft Handbook
by Luc Mehl Illustrated by Sarah Glaser The Packraft Handbook is a comprehensive guide to packrafting, with a strong emphasis on skill progression and safety. Readers will learn to maneuver through river features and open water, mitigate risk with trip planning and...
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Camping & Survival: The Ultimate Outdoors Book
By: Paul Tawrell This book helps you acquire and sharpen skills required to safely enjoy the outdoors. You will find details on how to hike/travel, in the summer and winter, “make a camp”, choose suitable equipment, and understand your environment. You...
Desert Survival Handbook: How to Prevent and Handle Emergency Situations
By: Charles A. Lehman Survival situations can and do happen to average people, as well as adventurous explorers. You have the capacity to handle these situations if you know and follow fundamental principles of survival. Could you survive an emergency...
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Essential Survival Gear
Disasters strike every day, but despite the best laid plans you may find yourself in one with only the clothes on your back and without a well packed first-aid kit. In Essential Survival Gear, J. Morgan Ayres explains in detail what...
Flirting With Danger: Hiking the Grand Canyon the Wrong Way (BS-35)
By: C.P. Webster-Scholten Trudging down the trail with minimal food, inadequate hiking gear, and no water, four teenagers begin a hike across Arizona's Grand Canyon in the summer of 1958. Their trek commences in boisterous naivety accented with laughter and...
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Caught Prepared
Caught Prepared: 25 Simple Steps To Protect Your Family In An Emergency No matter the disaster, you’re caught prepared. From food storage to sanitation, to emergency power, this easy-to-follow preparedness guide is so practical that no family can do without...
Emergency Essentials Pocket Guide: A Field Reference for Survival
• Essential survival advice in a convenient, portable format• Durable, laminated, lightweight reference• Valuable tips and reminders in a user-friendly styleBackpackers, climbers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will want this in their packs; drivers in rugged terrain or foul weather...
Wilderness Survival: A Folding Pocket Guide on How to Stay Alive in the Wilderness
by:  James Kavanagh and Raymond Leung Wilderness Survival, 2nd Edition, is your survival tool for staying alive if you are ever lost or immobilized in the wilderness. Included is essential information on basic first aid, including up-to-date steps for performing CPR. This...
Don't Forget the Duct Tape: Tips and Tricks for Repairing Outdoor Gear (BS-14)
By: Kristen Hostetter Whether you need to remedy a leak in your tent, repair flapping boot soles, nurse a cranky stove back to life, unclog a water filter, or revive gunked up Velcro, you'll find the solution here. And it...
Survival: The Ultimate Practical Guide to Staying Alive in Extreme Conditions and Emergency Situations
By Anthonio Akkermans, Peter G. Drake, Bill Mattos, and Andy Middleton This is the ultimate survival manual, a comprehensive, practical, all-climate, all-terrain guide to the basics of wilderness travel, outdoor living and surviving extreme situations. Substantial sections highlight possible threats...
Wilderness Survival, Staying Alive Until Help Arrives
Learn how to avoid common wilderness mishaps and handle them confidently if an emergency arises. In Wilderness Survival, author Suzanne Swedo describes all the skills you need to survive short-term wilderness emergencies, whether you become stranded by bad weather, are forced...
Backpacker Outdoor Survival
In Backpacker Magazine's Outdoor Survival Stories and the Lessons Learned, veteran outdoor educator and former NOLS instructor Molly Absolon recounts a wide variety of outdoor survival stories pulled from dependable sources including Backpacker.com, outdoor magazines, and Absolon's own experiences as a...
A Practical Guide to Living on an Acre: The Self-Reliant Life
By: U.S. Department of Agriculture Who hasn't daydreamed at one time or another about selling produce at a farmer's market, keeping chickens, or planting an orchard of fruit trees? Inside every do-it-yourselfer is a longing for a more independent lifestyle...
Wilderness Camping and Hiking
By: Paul Tawrell My goals in writing this guide have been to help you acquire and sharpen the skills required to safely enjoy the wilderness. You will find details on how to travel, "make a camp", choose suitable equipment, and...
The Practical Geologist: How to Apply Primitive Skills For Everyday Use
By: Garrett Romaine Geology is destiny—understand it and life gets easier. Our ancestors grasped enough about their environment to fashion tools, start fires, erect shelters, and find water. The principles they discovered long ago still apply, and the science behind...
Big Book of Self-Reliant Living: Advice And Information On Just About Everything You Need To Know To Live On Planet Earth
Rural homesteaders and urban apartment-dwellers alike will find a mother lode of practical information packed into this completely revised and updated edition of the ultimate how-to handbook for all generations. A selective compendium of public-domain documents, it brings together in...
The Outdoor Survival Handbook Step-By-Step Bushcraft Skills: The ultimate guide to life-saving techniques
A practical handbook on how to cope with all kinds of survival scenarios, with detailed visual instructions and step-by-step sequences for every situation. Topics include building shelters, wilderness navigation, making fire, sourcing water, flint-napping, foraging and much more.
Winter Camping: National Outdoor Leadership School
The National Outdoor Leadership School's official guide to camping in extreme cold Comprehensive coverage of winter clothing and gear Proven techniques for traveling efficiently and safely across snow and ice and complete directions for building igloos and many other snow...
Backpacker Outdoor Hazards (BS-42)
By: Dave Anderson Backpacker Magazine's Outdoor Hazards brings you essential mind gear from two of the most respected and reliable publishers of outdoor-related information. Discover how to be safe in the outdoors when hiking and backpacking and how to plan...
Backpacker Magazine's Outdoor Survival: Skills to Survive and Stay Alive (BS-41)
Backpacker magazine's Outdoor Survival brings you essential mind gear from the two most respected and reliable publishers of outdoor-related information. Learn how to properly preplan for a trip, build a shelter, start a fire, prevent hypo- or hyperthermia, navigate when...
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