Mineral, energy, and ground-water resources of San Juan County, Utah (SS-86)

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By: R. W. Gloyn, C. D. Morgan, D. E. Tabet, R. E. Blackett, B. T. Tripp, and M. Lowe

The Utah Geological Survey has summarized information on the known and potential mineral and energy resources in San Juan County. The compilation provides information for use in both short- and long-term land-planning decisions, particularly at the county level, and an indication of the present and future economic impact of mineral and energy development. The report discusses six major commodity groups including: (1) oil and gas, (2) other energy resources (coal, oil-impregnated rocks, geothermal), (3) uranium and vanadium, (4) metallic resources (gold, manganese, copper), (5) industrial rocks and minerals, and l6) ground-water resources. In general, for each group or commodity within a group the following aspects are discussed: (1) known occurrences and characteristics, (2) past production and trends, (3) current production and exploration activity, and (4) geologic potential. Plates accompany each of the major commodity groups and show the location of known resources and areas of geologic potential. In addition to the commodity discussions, the report contains a brief summary of land ownership and status, and concludes with a summary of commodities with the best potential for discovery and possible development.

Other Information:
Published: 1995
Pages: 39 p.
Location: San Juan County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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