The geology of Snow Canyon State Park, Washington County, Utah (PI-13)

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General Geology

By: M. H. Bugden

The stark intensity of Snow Canyon State Park’s colors, terrain, and vegetation create a surrealistic flair to one of southern Utah’s most striking recreation areas. Snow Canyon’s scenery reminds us of the earth’s past when extensive river systems meandered through Utah, desert sands enveloped the land, and volcanic eruptions scorched the earth with hot molten rock. Remnants from these spectacular events in Utah’s history are preserved in the park’s landscape. With a little imagination, this brochure will help you see how elements of these ancient climates and lands are recorded in the rock walls and how slow, constant natural processes continue to alter the park’s façade.

Other Information:
Published: 1992
Pages: 16 p.
Location: Washington County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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