Utah stone (PI-17)

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By: B. T. Tripp

Utah's geological diversity provides a wide variety of known building stones in the state and potential for discovery and production of many other types. Utah's building stones, currently in production, are quartzite, sandstone, and limestone. Rhyolite, granitic gneiss, and lava are produced in smaller amounts. There is also potential for future development of granite, marble, and slate. Although Utah is not widely known as a stone producing state, its stones grace both historical and contemporary buildings in a majority of the states of the Union and several foreign countries.

Utah has a well-established, innovative stone industry which has grown by placing increasing emphasis on out-of-state markets and by adding value to the stone by doing more cutting , carving, and polishing. The industry should grow at a healthy rate through increased capitalization, development of new products, and increased marketing..

Other Information:
Published: 1993
Location: Box Elder County, Grand County, Juab County, Millard County, Sanpete County, Summit County, Tooele County, Wasatch County, and Wayne County
Media Type: Paper Brochure

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