Reconnaissance of landslides and preliminary landslide hazard assessment along a portion of Browns Park Road, Daggett County, Utah (RI-271)

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By: G. Beukelman and B. Erickson

During the spring of 2011, five landslides occurred in lower Jesse Ewing Canyon, Daggett County, Utah, along a section of Browns Park Road that was realigned in 2009. Distress to the roadway included blockage of the southbound lane and part of the northbound lane by one landslide, offset of the roadway pavement by partial reactivation of a preexisting landslide, and limited failure of portions of several roadway cut slopes. This 14-page report investigates the geologic, climatic, and engineering-geology characteristics that may have contributed to these landslides and summaries our observations and conclusions, discusses future landslide hazard, and provides recommendations for managing landslide risk along this portion of Browns Park Road.

Other Information:
Published: 2012
Pages: 14 p.
Location: Daggett County

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