Outcrop study of the lower Green River Formation for reservoir characterization and hydrocarbon production enhancement in the Altamont-Bluebell field, Uinta Basin, Utah (MP 96-2)

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Oil and Gas

By: A. Garner and T. H. Morris

In an effort to better understand the reservoir capacity and production potential of rock types in the Altamont-BluebeIl field, Uinta Basin, Utah, 850.2 meters (2789.4 ft) of continuous section of the lower Green River Formation were described in the Willow Creek Canyon area. The petrography, clay content, porosity, and permeability of samples from the section were analyzed. Arenites in the bottom half of the measured section have good potential for reservoir storage capacity because they contain fewer swelling clays and tend to have better interparticle porosity and permeability than do the arenites in the upper half of the section. These arenites are interbedded with shales and mudstones which may serve as source rocks. Comparison of the outcrop study with the subsurface cores of the lower Green River Formation from the Altamont-BluebeIl field area shows that there is more smectite present in the outcrop than in the core and that the arenites at the outcrop are less mature (i.e. they contain more feldspars and lithics).

Other Information:
Published: 1996
Pages: 61 p.
Location: Duchesne and Uintah Counties
Media Type: Paper Publication

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