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Stratigraphy and ages of the basal Claron, Pine Hollow, Canaan Peak, and Grapevine Wash Formations, southwest Utah (OFR-193)

Stratigraphic Studies

P. M. Goldstrand

This report presents 48 stratigraphic sections of the basal Claron, Pine Hollow, Canaan Peak, and Grapevine Wash formations of southwest Utah. This study redefines the existing stratigraphy and provides new age constraints for the Claron, Pine Hollow, and Canaan Peak formations.

A basal conglomerate of the Claron Formation has been informally named the Grand Castle member. This member is recognized from west of Parowan to the Table Cliff Plateau where it has previously been mapped as part of the Canaan Peak Formation. The Grand Castle member is probably lower Paleocene in age. This member grades upward into the red, calcareous Claron Formation which is upper Paleocene based on palynomorphs collected from the eastern Pine Valley Mountains.

The Pine Hollow Formation is restricted to the Table Cliff Plateau and the west-side of Johns Valley. The basal Pine Hollow Formation is lower Paleocene in age based on palynomorphs; the upper age limit is tentatively placed as upper Paleocene. The contact of the Pine Hollow Formation with underlying units is unconformable. These units have previously been mapped as the upper Canaan Peak Formation and are herein redefined to the basal Pine Hollow.

The Canaan Peak Formation is late Campanian to Paleocene in age. Lower Paleocene pollen were collected from the upper-most units. New exposures of the Canaan Peak Formation are identified in the eastern Pine Valley Mountains and the southern Paunsaugunt Plateau where they were previously mapped as the Claron Formation. Geochemical and petrographic analyses suggest that the Canaan Peak sediments were recycled and derived, in part, from the Jurassic Delfonte Volcanics of southeastern California and the Mississippian Eleana Formation of southern Nevada.

Other Information:
Published: 1990
Pages: 186 p.
Location: Garfield County, Iron County, Kane County, and Washington County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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