Redefining the Lower Cretaceous stratigraphy within the central Utah Foreland basin D. A. Sprinkel (SS-97)

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Stratigraphic Studies

By: R. W. Fleming and G. L. Waanders

Lower Cretaceous strata exposed in the foreland basin of central Utah were divided into two lithostratigraphic units, the Cedar Mountain and San Pitch Formations. Together these formations correlate with both the Cedar Mountain Formation exposed on the San Rafael Swell and the lower part of the Canyon Range Conglomerate exposed in the Canyon Mountains.

This study describes the rocks assigned to the Early Cretaceous, and redefines the Lower Cretaceous stratigraphy in the foreland basin of central Utah.

Other Information:
Published: 1999
Pages: 213 p.
Location: Juab County, Sanpete County, and Sevier County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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