Sequence stratigraphic assessment of the Muley Canyon Sandstone and Musak Formation, Henry Mountains Syncline: Implications for understanding the Muley Canyon Coal Zone (OFR-557)

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Stratigraphic Studies
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By: L. P. Birgenheier, C. R. Fielding, M. J. Corbett, and C. Kesler

This DVD contains a report and seven accompanying plates. The report provides sequence stratigraphic evaluation of the world-class, extensive exposures of the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Muley Canyon Sandstone and Masuk Formation in the Henry Mountains Syncline, southeastern Utah. This outcrop-based study provides detailed facies and sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Muley Canyon Sandstone and Masuk Formation. Stratigraphic patterns recognized in outcrops of the coal-bearing interval at the base of the Masuk Formation are then correlated to subsurface wireline log and well log data, which are compiled and georeferenced into an ArcGIS database, included on the DVD.

Other Information:
Published: 2009
Pages: 30 p. + 30 p. appendices
Plates: 7 pl.
Location: Garfield County and Wayne County
GIS Included
Media Type: DVD Publication

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