Western Express Bicycle Route #3 : Cedar City, Utah - Dolores, Colorado (447 miles)

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by Adventure Cycling Association

Section 3 of the Western Express Route begins in Cedar City, Utah, and ends in Dolores, Colorado. You'll see some of the most spectacular scenery in America along paved roads, and the route provides access to a large number of national parks, monuments and state parks. Take some extra time to explore and do some hiking and biking into the off-route parks.

This section is considered very difficult due not only to terrain (grades from 6% to 14% in Utah), but also due to lack of water, temperature extremes, and long mileages without services. In most cases there are no homes or ranches between services. Carrying a water purifier is stongly advised for water access at Lake Powell and for miscellaneous reservoirs, creeks and lakes at primitive campsites. Utah is extremely dry and most of the route has only rocks for shade.

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Published: 2012
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