Overthrust belt of Utah, 1982 Symposium and Field Conference (UGA-10)

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Utah Geological Association

Edited by: D. L. Nielson

The discovery of a new oil or gas field or mineral deposits is a euphoric experience. Yet nothing is quite so sobering as the realization of the time, effort, and money which justifies the discovery. The contents of this guidebook are testimony to the efforts which are critical to recognizing and interpreting the natural resource potential of a region. This volume concentrates on the geology of the Overthrust Belt of Utah in general, and more specifically on the geologic relationships of central Utah. The papers found in this publication are listed below:

Paleogeographic maps of Utah from Geology of Utah, by W. L. Stokes, drawings by J. B. Hulen

Historical notes, by F. Turner

Geologic comparisons and contrasts, Paradox and Arapien Basins, by W. L. Stokes

Salt diapirism in central Utah, by I. J. Witkind

Structure and stratigraphy of the Pavant Range, central Utah, by J. L. Baer, R. L. Davis, and S. E. George

Structural variety on the east front of the Gunnison Plateau, central Utah, by M. P. Weiss

Structural and stratigraphic relations of Upper Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary orogenic sediments of the Cedar Hills, Utah by W. S. Jefferson

The anomalous transverse canyons of the Wasatch Range, by C. B. Hunt

Sulfide ore deposits related to thrust faults in northern Utah, by L. P. James

Post-Pennsylvanian structural evolution of southwestern Utah, by R. L. Nielson

Middle Devonian to Late Mississippian geologic history of the Utah hingeline and overthrust belt region, western United States - A Summary, by C. A. Sandberg, R. C. Gutschick, J. G. Johnson, F. G. Poole, and W. J. Sando

Overthrust Belt - need for a definition, by C. B. Hunt

A regional gravity survey of the Sanpete-Sevier Valley and adjacent areas in Utah, by R. P. Brown and K. L. Cook

Microearthquake studies across the Basin and Range-Colorado Plateau transition in central Utah, by M. E. McKee and W. J. Arabasz

Hydrology of the Gunnison-Fairview-Nephi area, central Utah, by J. S. Gates

An approach for avoiding damage to springs from shock waves generated during seismic exploration, by J. V. DeGraff

Twin Creek limestone - Arapien Shale relations in central Utah, by D. A. Sprinkel

Mixed terrigenous-carbonate rocks in Jurassic Arapien shale of central Utah, by M. D. Picard and K. Uygur

Lithofacies correlations within the Upper Cretaceous Indianola Group, central Utah, by T. F. Lawton

Stratigraphy and sedimentology, lower part of the Butterfield Peaks Formation (middle Pennsylvanian), Oquirrh Group, at Mt. Timpanogos, Utah, by E. H. Konopka and R. H. Dott, Jr.

Conodont biostratigraphy of Lower Triassic rocks, Terrace Mountains, northwestern Utah, by R. K. Paull

Geological characterization of the Nugget Sandstone, Anschutz Ranch East, by J. L. Bergosh, J. R. Good, J. T. Hillman, and S. Kolodzie

Chart showing preliminary correlation of Major Albian to Middle Eocene rock units from the Sanpete Valley in central Utah to the Book Cliffs in eastern Utah, by T. D. Fouch, T. F. Lawton, D. J. Nichols, W. B. Cashion, and W. A. Cobban

Depositional history of the Paleocene-Eocene Colton Formation, north-central Utah, by J. Zawiskie, D. Chapman and R. Alley

Relation of the Crazy Hollow Formation to the Green River Formation, central Utah, by M. P. Weiss

Stratigraphic chart showing named units in the Basin and Range, Middle Rocky Mountains, and Colorado Plateaus Province, in the field trip area, central Utah, by M. E. MacLachlan

The Overthrust Belt in central Utah, by D. A. Sprinkel, I. J. Witkind and J. L. Baer

1st day, Overthrusts in the Canyon and Pavant Ranges, by D. A. Sprinkel and J. L. Baer

2nd day, Salt diapirism in central Utah, by I. J. Witkind and D. A. Sprinkel

3rd day, Relations between overthrusts and salt diapirs, central Utah, by D. A. Sprinkel and I. J. Witkind

Other Information:
Published: 1982
Pages: 335 p.
Location: Utah
Media Type: Paper Publication

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