Traces of Fremont: Society and Rock Art in Ancient Utah

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Rock Art and Scenic Books

By: Steven R. Simms and Francois Gohier

Fremont is a culture first defined by archaeologist Noel Morss in 1928 based on characteristics unique to the Fremont River drainage. Initially thought to be a simple sociopolitical system, recent reassessments of the Fremont (ca. 300-1300 A.D.) assumes a more complex society. This volume places Fremont rock art studies in this contemporary context. Author Steven Simms offers an innovative model of Fremont society, politics, and worldview using the principles of analogy and current archaeologic evidence.

Simms takes readers on a trip back in time by describing how a typical Fremont hamlet or residential area might have looked a thousand years ago, including discussion of the inhabitants' daily activities. Francois Gohier's capitivating photographs of Fremont art and artifacts offer an engaging complement to Simm's text, aiding us in our understanding of the lives of these ancient people.

Other Information:
Published: 2010
Pages: 132 p.

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