Starry Sky Adventures Utah: Hike, Paddle, and Explore under Night Skies

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Starry Sky Adventures Utah presents the best outdoor adventures to take under the stars. Hike, paddle, and camp under the constellations in the darkest destinations around. This guide highlights astrotourism destinations across Utah, including Dark Sky Places recognized by the International Dark-Sky Association, as well as places with outstanding natural darkness. Guided adventures, including camping, backpacking, hiking, will show readers the way to getting out there, looking up, and getting lost in the stars.

This guide will set you up for successful nighttime experiences. Adventures are arranged by region so you can find convenient experiences in northwest, northeast, southeast, south-central, and southwest Utah. Within each region, you will find areas (including national parks, towns, and specific Dark Sky Places) with adventures listed for each area. I will highlight all the need-to- know details within each activity, complete with maps, difficulty, area details, pet considerations, supplies and gear to bring along, and more.

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