Sierra High Route - Traversing Timberline Country

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By Steve Roper

  • Author conceived and pioneered the Sierra High Route
  • Covers Kings Canyon National Park to northern Yosemite National Park
  • Each route chapter includes points of interest, maps, approach instructions, and directions

No ordinary guidebook, Sierra High Route leads you from point to point through a spectacular 195-mile timberline route in California's High Sierra. The route follows a general direction but no particular trail, thus causing little or no impact and allowing hikers to experience the beautiful sub-alpine region of the High Sierra in a unique way.

With access points noted along the way, the route can be broken into week-long segments, and hikers can choose segments for their skill level. Each of the five route chapters includes an overview highlighting geographical and historical points of interest, maps, difficulty ratings, approach instructions, safety considerations, directions, alternate routes, and accessible non-technical climbs.

"Roper knows the Range of Light like few others. His High Route is a vision born of over forty years' exploration, offering the reader the wilderness trek of a lifetime: a 195-mile traverse of the range, all of it above 9,000 feet, passing hundreds of lakes, skirting 14,000-foot peaks, and favoring cross-country travel over the humdrum of maintained trails."
- David Stevenson, Associate Editor, The American Alpine Journal

"No other... range in the world can equal the High Sierra for ease of cross-country travel, and no other author can equal Steve Roper for prose based upon half a century of Sierra experience that flows with the sparkle and clarity of a mountain stream."
- Galen Rowell, wilderness photographer and author

"This is a classic journey written by a classic Sierra wanderer."
- Claude Fiddler, photographer of the High Sierra

Meadowlands, gnarled trees, water, stone, and cobalt sky -these five elements dominate the timberline country of California's Sierra Nevada in the summertime The Sierra High Route - a marvelous 195-mile route that remains in close proximity to timberline, avoids major trails whenever possible, and requires no particular mountaineering skills- is the adventurous hiker's paradise. Author Steve Roper scouted the route for this one-of-a-kind rugged cross-country trek -a low impact alternative to the popular John Muir Trail -and in this new edition he provides all the information needed for seasoned backpackers who want to experience the sub-alpine region of the High Sierra in a unique way.

With access points along the way, the route can be broken down into week-long segments, and hikers can choose segments for their skill levels. The book includes a chapter on the early exploration of the High Sierra -the most comprehensive history ever done -and an expanded introduction with practical information on bears, safety, cross-country travel, low-impact hiking, permits, and more. Sierra High Route: Traversing Timberline Country is an invaluable resource for your trip to the Range of Light.

Edition: 2nd

Published: 2024

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