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Delineation of drinking water source protection zones for the Green Hills Country Estates well 02, Weber County, Utah (RI-240)

Water Resources

By: C. E. Bishop and M. Lowe

This report describes the delineation of drinking-water-source-protection zones for a public-water-supply well owned by the Green Hills Country Estates Water Company. Public water suppliers in Utah are required by Utah?s Drinking Water Source Protection Regulations to develop a drinking-water-source-protection plan for their public drinking-water sources, and drinking-water-source-protection zones are a part of this plan. Several delineation procedures are allowed under the regulations and a ?Preferred Delineation Procedure? was used to delineate the protection zones for this well, because it reflects the hydrogeologic system in the area.

This report describes our delineation of drinking-water-source-protection (DWSP) zones for a public-supply well in eastern Ogden Valley, Weber County. The Green Hills Country Estates Water Company (GHCEWC), which became the owner of the well once it was completed, requested this delineation. The scope of work included a literature search, review of water-well logs, field reconnaissance, an aquifer test, interpretation of test data, delineation of the DWSP zones, and preparation of this report.

Other Information:
Published: 1999
Pages: 24 p. + 15 p. appendix
Location: Weber County
Media Type: Paper Publication

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