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Report to the Utah Geological Survey on the 1996 Gobi-Altay, Mongolia, paleoseismology expedition (RI-233)

Paleoseismic Studies

By: W. R. Lund

In August-September 1996, the Gobi-Altay Paleoseismology Expedition visited the 1957 Gobi-Altay surface rupture (M8.3) in the Gobi Desert, southwestem Mongolia. The purpose of the expedition was to trench the individual rupture segments of this very large and complex fault zone with the goal of dating the penultimate event (and older events where possible) on each segment and determining the extent to which the 1957 rupture complexity was similar to or different from prior large earthquakes.

Other Information:
Published: 1997
Pages: 14 p. + appendix
Location: Mongolia
Media Type: Paper Publication

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