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Popcorn Rock


Popcorn Rock is a naturally occurring mineral found at limited outcrops in the Great Basin of the Western U.S., whose amazing properties were first discovered by Utah geologist Richard D. Barnes in 1981. The same geologic processes that are at work creating the beautiful limestone formations that attract visitors from around the world to the thermal basins of Yellowstone National Park, and the underground rooms of Calrsbad Caverns, New Mexico are also to produce a healthy crop of "popcorn crystals" for you, if you follow the Planting Tips below.


PLANTING TIPS: Put your rock in a clear glass bowl. Add just enough vinegar to cover the rock completely. Let the vinegar evaporate, and watch as popcorn-like aragonite crystals grow above the vinegar until it is gone. Once the rock is dry and hard, your crystals will last for years to come! Growing time is one to three weeks.

WARNING: Eating rocks may lead to broken teeth!

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