Uranium and Vanadium Resources of Utah: An Update in the Era of Critical Minerals and Carbon Neutrality (OFR-735)


by Stephanie E. Mills and Bear Jordan

Utah is an important contributor to the domestic uranium and vanadium markets with the only operating conventional uranium-vanadium mill in the country, multiple uranium-vanadium mines on standby, and active uranium-vanadium exploration. This report focuses on the mined production in Utah, which is the best representation of Utah’s historical uranium and vanadium activity. The information in this report provides a synthesis of the existing historical uranium and vanadium mined production data, including data from unpublished Utah Geological Survey records, AEC procurement data, and published production figures. The data presented here also serve to set the stage for discussion of the potential future of uranium and vanadium mining in Utah as a new era of critical minerals and carbon-neutral energy sources unfolds.

Other Information:Published: 2021
Pages: 26
Appendix: 1
Media Type: Open File Report
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