Carbonate (Limestone and Dolomite) Analytical Database of Utah (OFR-715)

Utah Geological Survey Open File Report

by Andrew Rupke

The accompanying database is a compilation of analytical data from carbonate (limestone and dolomite) samples collected in Utah and available at A primary purpose of this database is identification of potential high-calcium limestone and high-magnesium dolomite resources in Utah, but data from chemically lower-quality limestone and dolomite are also included. The data come from numerous published and unpublished sources. The database is largely built upon Tripp’s (2005) extensive limestone publication, but expands upon that compilation by adding dolomite analyses, new limestone analyses, and adding additional information to sample records from Tripp’s (2005) publication. Users of this database should be aware that the quality of the analyses from source to source is likely to be quite variable and is presented “as is”; potential low-quality data were not filtered out. The database is in spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) and geodatabase formats. A description of the database fields is given below, and a shortened version of this explanation is attached to the spreadsheet. In the explanation below, the spreadsheet heading is shown first with the geodatabase heading in parentheses. All the fields are not necessarily applicable to every sample record.

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