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Integrated sequence stratigraphic and geochemical resource characterization of the lower Mancos shale, Uinta Basin, Utah (OFR-483)

Oil and Gas

By: D. S. Anderson and N. B. Harris

This study characterizes the lateral and vertical distributions of shale facies within a sequence stratigraphic framework and integrates depositional facies with geochemical analysis as a basis for assessing the shale-gas potential of the lower Mancos Shale in the south-central Uinta basin. It also evaluates the potential for sandstone reservoirs that may be interbedded with lower Mancos mudrocks.

This 130-page report includes: 1) a digital correlation database consisting of 13 tops representing a sequence stratigraphic framework for 216 wells; 2) description of a 93m- thick measured section near Westwater, Utah that contains 79m (259 ft) of lower Mancos Shale and 14m of underlying Dakota Sandstone; 3) an outcrop gamma-ray log and associated LAS file for the measured section and; 4) cuttings description combined with palynological and geochemical analyses for 73 samples over a 632-ft (192m) interval in the Carter Larsen State-1 well near Westwater, Utah.

Other Information:
Published: 2006
Pages: 130 p.
Location: Grand and Uintah Counties

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