Hawaii Classic Wall Map

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Wall Map

This gorgeous Hawai'i map is one of National Geographic's most visually stunning.. It showcases the state with amazing texture and state-of-the-art cartographic techniques delivering accuracy and exceptional quality; the innovative and engaging design makes the content easily accessible and user-friendly.

Ideal for classrooms with an emphasis on teaching geography or environmental themes. Physical wall maps give your students a genuine feel for how our world appears. This map is perfect to help students develop navigation skills using latitude and longitude and political boundaries.

This map uses a bright, easy to read color palette featuring blue oceans and stunning shaded relief that has been featured on National Geographic wall maps for over 75 years. It is drawn in the Oblique Mercator projection, which is a cylindrical map projection for nautical navigation because it represents lines of constant course.

Names of political and geographic features are carefully placed on the map to maintain legibility. This map shows the Hawaiian Ridge shelves underneath the islands, providing a wonderful perspective on how the state was geologically formed.

National Geographic's maps are the standard by which all other reference maps are measured. The maps are meticulously researched and adhere to National Geographic's convention of making independent, apolitical decisions based on extensive research using multiple authoritative sources.

Printed on polypropylene, an ideal material for wall maps as the printing brings out rich colours, and crisp edges for readability. The material is stronger than most papers and unlikely to crease or rip. The matte finish eliminates glare, and adds texture to the map. Ideal for display.

SIze: 34.75" x 22.75"


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