Glacial geologic map of the Uinta Mountains area, Utah and Wyoming (MP 09-4dm)

1:100,000 Geologic Maps
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By: J. S. Munroe and B. J. C. Laabs

This dataset represents the first complete inventory of the glacial deposits in the Uinta Mountains since Atwood (1909) described the glacial geology of this area. It is the result of previous and continuing work by the authors and others to better understand the glacial and climatic history of this fascinating area. It depicts the distribution of glacial deposits and post-glacial sediments including mass wasting, lacustrine, and rock glacier deposits. A discussion of the glacial history and a figure showing a reconstruction of the ice extent during the local Last Glacial Maximum are also included.

This DVD contains the geologic map and an ArcMap document. GIS files are provided in an ESRI file geodatabase and as ESRI shapefiles. Metadata, PDF, HTML, text, and image files are include to help the user view, evalute, and use the spatial data.

Other Information:
Published: 2009
Plates: 1 pl.
Scale: 1:100,000
Location: Daggett County, Duchesne County, Summit County, Uintah County, and Wasatch County
Media Type: DVD Map

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