Landforms of Southern Utah: A Photographic Exploration

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By: Richard L. Orndorff and David G. Futey

Every landform has a distinct geologic history. A cliff marks the line of a fault, a moraine delineates the edge of a former glacier, and a fin parallels a set of fractures. In Landforms of Southern Utah, vibrant color photographs accompany brief essays about the geologic history of landforms in more than twenty-five landscapes in southern Utah. Authors Orndorff and Futey do justice to the colorful arches, hoodoos, and canyon that Utah is famous for, but they also include geologic stories and photographs of lesser-known features such as lava flows and clastic dikes. Shaded relief maps highlight the region's topography, bringing fractures, faults, and folds to life on a grand scale.

Other Information:
Published: 2007
Pages: 91

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